Wednesday 4 April 2012

The Magic Inside

A 3D scan is like a window into your unborn babies home, where you can see them growing into your perfect little bundle. Through this window you can see the magic un-folding right in front of your eyes. Their little hands, fingers, feet and toes. You can even see certain facial features. You can see them wriggling around and witness where all their limbs are strategically placed.

This time last year, I was just turning 26 weeks pregnant. I always promised myself a 3D Scan should I ever have a baby. I find the whole technology mind blowing. I always in visioned what my baby boy would look like and I was over the moon to have a sneak peak at him.

It was never an option for me not to have one, and I did not care how much it cost me and whether Luke agreed or not. This was the one thing mad thing I wanted out of my pregnancy, so I was going to do it regardless!

So in December 2010 at 12 weeks pregnant, I booked my appointment for April 2nd 2011 at One Stop Clinics. I opted for the Golden Package.

The package cost £175.00 for a baby scan consultation up to 30 minutes long, I also received everything else I had longed for in a 3D Scan package. What I really wanted was to be able to take all the photos they had taken and have the scan on a DVD, so I could re-watch it at my leisure.

One day Leo and I will sit down and I will show him the photos of him tucked up safely in my tummy, I will sit and watch the footage of him sleeping and being a little monster even in those early days.

There is just something magical about being able to see your unborn child before they are here in the flesh. I know it does not appeal to everyone, but for me this was everything.
My 3D Scan was the highlight of my pregnancy, although true to form Leo made the whole thing difficult by hiding behind his hands the entire time. We did get some lovely shots of him sleeping, and I saw his sweet angelic face.

I was amazed how much he resembled the scan image when he came along. He still has the lovely full lips and cute little face. He has grown substantially now, compared to the little baby he was then.

Here is a little snippet of the magic I encountered during my 3D scan.


  1. Awwww. I also really wanted a 3D scan but as you know didn't end up having one. In a way I am kind of glad as I like the idea of not knowing what baby girl looks likes but I can imagine how special it must be to have detailed pictures of your baby in your belly. It will be fantastic to look back on when Leo is a bit older :D

    Nicola xx

    1. Hey lovely, I think the element of suprise is just amazing, but I am everything but patient. I wanted the scan done mainly so I had it to put in his memory box and share with him.

      :-) xxx

  2. I always wanted one of these but Mr E wasn't so keen. I did pay to have a private scan though and towards the end I had to be monitored so had a few scans. It is amazing seeing your little one although towards the end they get so big there isn't much to see! x

    1. Luke was the same, he didn't see much need for it until we were there. I think it is just amazing technology and I would use the service again in the future.

      I think it must be a man's thing lovely :-) xx

  3. aww we had one too with harry, they are brilliant. we lost the dvd for a while and found it a few weeks ago and watching it was so emotional x x

    1. It is so nice being able to watch it back. What does Harry think of it? We have some of the scan pictures framed above Leo's cot. I love them xx


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