Friday 27 April 2012

BabyBjorn Plate Spoon & Cup Review

Leo is my little testing assistant, and we enjoy trying out these exciting new products and letting you, our lovely readers know all about them. We are pleased to tell you all about the BabyBjorn kitchen range that we have had the pleasure of reviewing.

Just the other day we had a parcel delivered, and upon opening the parcel I was greeted with the most attractive looking clover shaped Plate and Spoon set, in PINK! This just made me beam from ear to ear, it looks absolutely lovely. You see BabyBjorn are going Pink, after all it is the new black you see!

The Plate and Spoon set is just so easy on the eyes, and even when you look past the very pleasing appearance it is just perfect for your little ones, who are wanting to learn to feed themselves. Weaning a baby is so important and so is having all the right equipment in order for them to learn how to eat as you do. With this set, it makes it easier for the child to learn how to spoon up the food and feed them selves.

The BabyBjorn Plate and Spoon has been designed to make it easy for your child to feed him or herself. The three-leaf clover shape of the plate makes it easier for the child to pick up food with the spoon, instead of chasing it all over the plate.

The plate stands steady and is hard for small hands to grab and throw on the floor, this has been demonstrated by myself earlier today, when I struggled to pick it up off the work surface to give to Leo. So not only is it hard for babies to throw on the floor, but Mummy's too! You cannot tip it over so it is safe to entrust with your little monsters....As I did with Leo!

Despite his greatest efforts he did not manage to over turn the bowl, and as hard as he did try he could not pick it up. Leo loved playing with the spoons and even put them to his mouth with food on. I don't often try this with him as I find it easier and not as messy to feed him myself, but to test the product fully I figured I should let him give it a go. He thouroghly enjoyed his eating experience and this is something I feel is very important. Eating should be fun!

The spoon is tailored to the shape of the plate so it can get into each of the corners, it is specially designed to suit the grip and movements of a child's hand. I have to admit that I absolutely love the character in these spoons. They each have a pair of eyes on and just add a whole dimension of fun to them.

Have you ever used a spoon where despite your greatest effort's to get all the food into your little ones mouth, there is always that curve of the spoon where it all gets stuck? I have... Leo can never quite get at it and it just sits there with each mouthful he takes. The BabyBjorn Spoon shape ensures that, once in the child’s mouth, no food remains on it afterwards. To me, that is just amazing!

Along side the Plate and Spoon set we have also had the pleasure of reveiwing the BabyBjorn Cup, it is the perfect first cup for your baby and is specially designed for tiny and often clumsy hands. Leo has always been a very determined little soul, and demonstrates this in his "do it myself" attitude. We have always struggled getting him to use a tippy cup and I think the way forward is to introduce his first big boy cup early.

The cup's ergonomic design, with easy to grip materials and soft, distinct shapes helps baby learn to drink from an open glass, just like mum and dad. Leo loved being let loose with a big boy cup. Despite it being solid and hard to knock over, Leo has no problem picking the cup up. He did very well and even took a sip but it was not long before he decided to throw it all down his outfit. This was his first attempt, and I am sure if we persist and gain more experience with the cup, he will soon be drinking juice like a pro.

The cup is pleasant to hold and has a little Teddy Bear on the front, it is recomeneded to be used from 8 months plus, which made this just perfect for Leo who is now 10 months old. Our cup is in a matching Pink colour and goes perfectly with the BabyBjorn Plate and Spoon set.

The cup was designed along side Paediatricians, Industrial Engineers and most importantly children and parents. This shows in all aspects of how babies and children interact with the cup. It seems almost instinctive that babies know what to do with the cup. Although Leo does like to put anything and everything in his mouth.

The design of the cup is unique and offers a low centre of gravity, which is what makes it so difficult to knock over. Both the BabyBjorn Cup and Plate Set contain no BPA or phthalates. They are made from durable and recyclable plastics making them safe to use in the microwave up to 90 degrees and in the dishwasher.

Not only is this stylish first cup just for drinking out of, it also has a serperate use that can actually be very handy when out and about. This quirky cup can also be used as a feeding container, it has been designed to fit perfectly with the BabyBjorn Spoons!

There is a great choice of colours in these exciting items, for the BabyBjorn Plate and Spoon Set you can pick it up for RRP £19.99 in the following colours:

- Pink
- Red
- Blue
- Green
- White

The BabyBjorn Cup can be picked at RRP £8.99 in the following colours:

- Red
- Green
- Pink

I have been so impressed with both of these products and I look forward to watching Leo become more confident in feeding himself and also being able to have a drink out of a big boy cup. I feel that these weaning tools offer a great way in teaching our little ones how to interact with such important equipment from a young age. It also gives them the confidence to be able to do these things on their own. I am going to be giving Leo his plate and spoons on a regular basis so he can become more familiar with what to do.

BabyBjorn have really done their research and provided us with some very attractive products, but also provided very relevant and useful products.

You can purchase your BabyBjorn equipment right here


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