Thursday 19 April 2012

Twilight Snuggles

Over the past week, Leo seems to have returned to his newborn sleep pattern and is waking throughout the night for Milk and cuddles with Mummy.

Since bedtime starts at 6pm, we drink our way to the borrom of 5 bottles, taking us right through to 9am the next morning.

Of course I do not want this to be a on-going occurrence but at the same time, I am enjoying the time we have together when he is awake. It is a special time when no-one else is around.

The perfect bonding time.

When he woke at midnight just the other night, Milk was not what he wanted and going back in the cot was certainly not a option. He made this known in his actions.

So being the naughty Mummy that I am and thinking his teething may be the cause of his awake state....I took him downstairs wrapped up in my dressing gown, and I turned on the television.

Leo and I sat and watched Waybuloo, while snuggling up on the sofa.


Leo is in baby love with Waybuloo, and always has a ready smile and excited squeal to share, when the opening scene comes on. Leo will be intently watching but I don't watch the television. I cannot help but just sit and stare at my boy, taking in every facial expression and excited babble that he makes.

I love to just sit and watch Leo during these moments, I love to see how he responds to all of these new things he is now taking in and recignising, and above all else...enjoying.

Leo associates this with bedtime, as this is the only time of day we will sit and watch 20 minutes or so of television. It is part of his routine just before we go upstairs for milk and cuddles before bed. Just to give us 20 minutes of quiet, and time to unwind before we draw his curtains and tuck him up to go to sleep.

Leo slowly relaxes in my arms, as the story un-folds before our eyes. It is not long before he is more than ready to be taken back up-stairs to sleep again.

I kiss him softly on the forehead and tuck him back into his bed, I ware away the bed bugs and make sure he is safe and contented. I stand over him and watch him doze off. I see his eyes blinking trying to fight the inevitable sleep, and when he does finally close his eyes. I slowly turn away from him and quietly sneak out of his room.

Of course I do not want to encourage his waking, but sometimes you just need that extra time together. It is magical having those twilight snuggles and I wouldn't change them for the world.

Love you baby boy

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