Monday 30 April 2012

Riverside Adventures

With all this torrential rain falling in this awful draught, we have been beside ourselves with utter, doom and gloom boredom. I have been pulling my hair out being stuck inside, and I know Leo has felt exactly the same. I love the sunshine you see and I adore being out and about in it, this is not what I had planned for us, being stuck inside during the Spring months.

So today as soon as I looked out of the window and saw that the rain had listened to my few choice words that I had shouted up at the clouds. I whipped the Quinny out of the car and strapped Leo straight in, just in case the rain clouds came back with a vengeance. I marched us on a walk into town where we spent the morning at baby group and then made our way down to the river to grab a bite of lunch.

As soon as Leo saw where we were, he gave me a massive smile. I think part of that smile was tinged with relief, the kind of relief that comes after you have been locked up inside for over a week. The horrid weather really did leave us housebound, and we were both feeling the relief of escaping the same Four walls. Nothing beats some fresh air and spending some One on One time with your boy...

All that rain had filled the River right up to bursting, feeding the duck's from our usual perch was not going to be happening today....As ducks were now swimming where we usually stand. The water had not been very forgiving when deciding to flow up and out of it's usual course.

This was no problem though and we found a bench a little further along that was now right by the river edge, thanks to the bursting of the banks. It was nice being able to sit there and watch the world go by. The traffic on the other side of the road, the people taking a leisurely stroll along the embankment and of course the duck's who were swimming past, making the very most of all that extra river to swim in.

Sitting by the river with Leo, is something special. It is a magical moment when you can just sit together and take in everything around you. Leo finds it all fascinating, every little thing. The noises the bird's make and all the stranger's who like to make a fuss of him. He watches the river boat's parading past, completely unsure what they are and what their purpose may be.

I plan on spending a lot more time down by the river with my beautiful boy. I am looking forward to the grass becoming dry, so we can drag Daddy down to the river for a picnic and let Leo crawl all around. To take Leo back to the park and re-introduce him to the swings. To aquaint Leo with those magical River Boat's, by taking him on his very first boat ride so he can take in the river sights from a different angle. I know he will love it.

There is so much we can do when the sunshines. So please sun.... Just shine! It is almost Summer after all!


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  1. I just can't wait for the sun to shine, it needs to hurry up! I can't stop thinking of all the adventures we will be able to have when the sun is out. x


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