Monday 2 April 2012

A Beautiful Occasion

We have set a date,
A date for Leo's Christening.

On Sunday, July 8th 2012 we will be baptising our beautiful boy.
He will be 13 months old, and will most likely have the ability to walk.
He will be running around, causing mayhem in the church.
All that I hope is that we can keep him still enough to complete the service,
and not disturb the sacred peace.

The plan was to hold this beautiful occasion next month. May.
Unfortunately this cannot be, as the service is full.
This means I need to return Leo's little suit,
 that I purchased a few weeks ago in the 9-12 months size.
I cannot risk the chance of Leo being too big...So back it must go.
It is the most stunning little suit, that suits him down to the ground.
He is going to look so handsome.


It was just this evening that we went to the Church and set our special date.
The Vicar had forgotten his hearing aids,
and could barely make out a word I said.
This made the conversation a tricky one to say the least,
but he pulled it off with the greatest of ease.
He was asking the questions he needed answers to,
and I answered them as clearly as I could.
Somewhere along the way though, Luke's occupation changed from
Cabinet Maker to Camera Maker and Leo's name changed to Nemo.
When he confirmed Leo's name as Nemo...He pulled a face, demonstrating what a odd name he thought it was.

It is safe to say the experience was a memorable one.
We have waited until now, so we can benefit from the Summer sun.
We are willing the sun to shine all day long,
so we can share are baby boy's special day out in the garden.
Out in the Summer rays, we will have a bouncy castle,
for all of our family and closest friends.
Leo will be his cheeky self and causing all kinds of trouble.
He will most certainly enjoy his day,
at the centre of attention.

Now the planning must start,
I am on the look out for some special invitations,
to go out to all our important guests.
I need to find a bouncy castle, worthy of such an important event.
If anyone can help with ideas for these invitations,
as they have to look the bees knees, I would love your inspiration.
I am thinking of using some of Leo's lovely new shots,
and making them truly personal invites.
If you do have any ideas, or recommendations on where to go...
I would love to hear from you.



  1. Ahhh how lovely! I hope when the time rolls around it's a great day! We meant to have Joshua's when he was about 6 months old but it got put off because we moved away! Now we are moving back home in May we are going to get him christened on his 2nd birthday-joint celebration style! Have you heard of that company who do like soft play areas for things like this? You hire them like a bouncy castle, they are great!x

    1. Thanks lovely! I am really looking forward to it. That sounds amazing, Joshua is also at an age where he will be able to enjoy it and take part. He will love it!

      Really? Soft play!? Nope never heard of it. Have you got the details?


  2. That is gorgeous. I don't have any recommendations on where to go here, but hope that it will be a beautiful day and a beautiful experience for you all.

  3. Thanks lovely. I also hope it is a beautiful day - I am
    Sure it will be.
    Thank you :-) xx

  4. How lovely, we've just booked our son's christening for August and cannot wait.

    If you're looking for some special invites, I'd recommend visiting Planet Cards - It's a website where you can personalise invitations with your own words and photos. I used them for my little boy's christening and am really happy with them. If you like, I'll be posting a review next week with a discount code so if you like the look of them, you could use the code for a 20% discount

    1. Hi Laura, It is all very exciting getting the preperations together for their big day!

      I just looked at the site and it is lovely, thanks for the heads up on the 20% that will be great!



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