Saturday 31 March 2012

Dear Annoyance...

Dear Tummy Bug,

I am writing this letter to serve you with an eviction notice. This notice must be adhered to at once. You must pack your things, including every single germ you have used to infect my beautiful boy and vacate by 8pm this evening. You have had your hold on Leo for a whole week now, and quite frankly I have had enough.

You have turned my happy, smiley baby into a clingy nocturnal monster. Nothing I do is good enough and yesterday he would not even eat. We have now had Two hopeless trips to the Doctor's and not one trip has helped us get rid of you. Writing this letter really is the last straw, I hope you understand that you are just not welcome here.

My baby boy is so tired but has refused to sleep, and I don't know if I can handle any more nappy explosions right now, I think I have had more than our fair share. I am now completely and utterly exhausted and expecting you to leave immediately.

Thank you. That is all.

Leo's Mummy

Dear Busy Bodies,

I am writing to advise that it is probably best for you to keep your less than helpful opinions to yourselves. I cannot stress this enough. If you have read my recent letter to Leo's tummy bug you will understand why...

Recently people have been casting their opinions loud and proud. This has caused numerous causes of annoyance to myself, personally I think that some of the views would wind any Mummy up, For instance...

'You are such a control freak' - What a lovely observation. Thank you very much, maybe if you understood the importance of routine, you would change your mind. Maybe if you were the one sorting Leo for bed, you would find my way of thinking very relevant and beneficial.

'You are so anxious' - On a recent visit to a local farm I was a by-stander watching my 9 month old baby, patting a Pig on the nose. I have a feeling the Pig has some rather sharp teeth and a tendency to bite. So yes, I did mention to said family member holding Leo, to make sure he keeps his hands away from the Pig. My justification for stating this point is very obvious. One reason being that the Pig could bite...and not to mention it is filthy. So you as a busy body may think I am being over-protective, but these are my rules, and Leo is my baby.

'I work 6 days a week, why are you tired!?' If you really want to go down this road and tell me that because I am currently on Maternity Leave, I am not working. Then I will not be held accountable for my actions. Being a Mummy is the best job in the world, but when you have a poorly baby that has literally kept you up at night for a week...You will know the reason for my being tired. I thank you now for getting up with me and Leo for 1 hour at 3am this morning, but I have to say he was up for 2 hours....and he was up another 3 times after this. Where were you then?
Oh yes...Fast asleep.... So when you tell me that you are off for a nap on a afternoon....Yes I will get angry.

'Your attitude wind's me up' Again thank you very much, I would love to mention here that your attitude also sounds certain alarm bells on this front. Maybe if you addressed the above point, my attitude may improve? Just a thought... 

Leo's Mummy

My family has it's up's and down's just like anyone else's does. I will never write as if I am viewing everything through Rose coloured glasses. The fact of the matter is, sometimes you just need a good vent. If you need to let of some steam...Leave me a comment.

You will feel much better, I promise :-)



  1. Great letters hunni! I hope the tummy bug goes soon, it's so horrible seeing them poorly with these things x

  2. Hey Chloe :-)

    I hope so too...In need of so much catch up sleep! I hope you are well xx


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