Thursday 29 March 2012

Easter Saving Tips from a Mummy on a Budget

Are you all looking forward to the Easter break? Maybe relaxing and enjoying a Chocolate Easter Egg or Two? (In my case Three or Four!) Or are you wondering how to do all of the above and still save a pretty penny for yourself? have some fabulous ways in which you can do all of the above!

Easter Savings Tips

1.       Save on dressing up. Want to dress your family up in Easter’s finest? Spring sales are in full swing as stores make room for summer merchandise, so take advantage of the savings to pick up neutrals like chinos, pastel dresses and floral accessories.

2.       Host a brunch instead of a dinner. Depending on your family’s plans, suggest that you celebrate over brunch instead of dinner. Brunch items are less expensive than say, a lamb, and you can save on alcohol costs since there will be less drinking during the day.

3.       DIY dye. Have fun with the kids by making your own Easter egg dye with simple pantry items like vinegar and food coloring. Mix it up and start the fun.

4.       Check grocery coupons. Since Easter is a heavy time for grocery shopping, many stores will lure even more shoppers with coupons and other discounts. Make sure to search the web at sites like for grocery coupons or your Sunday paper’s circular.

5.       Skip the individually wrapped sweets. While it’s tempting to just pick up the specialty packaged Easter-themed sweets for your families’ baskets, think about buying your sweets in bulk and using fun treat bags to wrap it up. You’ll save on cost and you’ll produce less waste. Win-win.

Tips For Keeping Kids Entertained Inexpensively

6.       Break out old school board games. Turn video games, cell phones and televisions off and spend some quality time with your kids playing the classics like Monopoly, Scrabble and Trivial Pursuit or playing card games.

7.       Play in the park, especially if the weather is nice! There’s nothing more fun or wholesome than a good old-fashioned day at the park, with a picnic, lawn games and sunbathing.

8.       Just because school is out for a few weeks doesn’t mean your kids shouldn’t use their brains! Create a fun family reading area in your home or play a game of current events trivia.

9.       Time off from school means an opportunity to help those who are less fortunate. Clean out closets and get rid of any clothing and shoes that no longer fit your kids and donate to local charities. Or plan a day for the family to volunteer with an organization that needs help.

10.   Treat your kids to a special breakfast. You’re normally rushing the kids out the door in the morning with a piece of toast, but time off school lets you spend some quality time together at the most important meal of the day. Whip up pancakes, omelets or your kids’ favorite baked goods!

Happy Easter everyone, let's hope this lovely weather lasts!


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