Sunday 18 March 2012

The First Mother's Day

This time last year, I was around 24 weeks pregnant with my gorgeous baby boy. As an expectant Mother with no material children, Mother's Day passed by with no real hoo ha. Luke didn't believe in buying me card's or gifts from my expanding bump, which meant that Luke narrowly missed Father's Day last year...with Leo arriving a few weeks later on June 27th 2011.

This year it is my FIRST official Mother's Day. We shall not be going out for lunch today, but next Sunday we shall be visiting Sollihull where Leo's Great Granny lives, we shall be meeting my Aunts and Cousins and having a big family gathering and celebrating a week late.

I have a almost 9 month old baby boy these days who I love to the moon and back, I know that my little Lion feels exactly the same way. Next year Leo will be at the age where he can make a card and that will be my favourite bit. Nothing beats a bit of art made by your child, and these are items that I will keep close to my heart for always.

I think Leo knew that today was all about letting Mummy relax, and this showed in his sleep pattern. After awaking at 11:30pm last night for a feed, he then slept through until 9am this morning. Luke was a gem and got up with him giving me a extra ten minutes in bed, and then gave me the opportunity to have a morning shower and get myself ready. This is always appreciated.

I have been treated to some lovely Mummy treats, after Daddy took my hints about the Moroccan Hair Oil, a little bit of encouragement is never a bad thing. We will spend the rest of our day relaxing and with Leo's Granny. I am hoping I will be able to get Daddy to swing for a cheeky Takeaway this evening.

 Leo is currently fast asleep and dreaming away his mid morning nap. I think when he awakes we will take a few snaps to capture my very first Mother's Day and mark the occasion. The weather today is not as I had hoped, no Sunshine. If we had been lucky enough to get some glorious weather today, I would have insisted on visiting the Cotswold Farm Park....I think we will leave it today and await some Summer Sun.

I feel very privileged that Luke has given up a day out on his Pitt Bikes to spend with Leo and I. I know it was a very hard choice, but I am very sure he made the right decision :-))

Are you all enjoying your Mother's Days? What are you doing to mark the occasion if this is your first?

I just want to wish you all a very happy Mother's Day, and put a very special shout out to some amazing Mummy's and Mummy's to be.

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Laura xx


  1. Thank you hunni bun! You too, have an amazing day! This is my second mothers day and I must say it's lovely when they can give cuddles back etc! I hope you have a lovely day with your boys! xx

    1. :-) Thank you! I hope your day is fabulous! Have you got much planned today? I am looking forward to huggles back. He has just wanted me this morning which is lovely!

      I am sure I will! You too :-)) xx

  2. Hey sweetpea what a touching post , i hope Leo enjoys reading your blog when he's older , as it's a wonderful way to document your memories for him. I love following your journey too :-)
    Enjoy a fabulous 1st mothers day my love x x x

    1. Hi lovely, thank you :-) I hope he enjoys reading through his early days! How has your day been? I hope you have had a fab day xxx

  3. Hi huni pie and thank you!! Sounds like you have had a lovely day huni. It must be so special to have a first mothers day... I can't wait until mine next year :D I am a little annoyed that Mark will get a fathers day this year!! Not fair lol!

    Also how tiny was your bump at 30 weeks... wow!! I feel like a whale now lol :D


    1. It will be your turn next year and I am sure you will have a amazing day! Aw Mark will love Father's Day!

      Do you think? It felt massive!! xxx

  4. Today was my first mother's day as a Mummy of two!! What a fabulous choice we made to have children!!! Happy mother's day!!!

    1. I hope you had a lovely day! It was a amazing choice! Happy Mother's Day to you! xxx


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