Monday 12 March 2012

One Strong Little Boy Named Leo...

Leo is an active, happy and content baby. He loves to socialise and explore his surroundings, he pushes his limits to learn new skills and knows that by being cheeky, he can and will get away with murder. By flashing a toothy grin, Leo has the power to change the world, and I his Mummy succumb each and every time.

The new skills he is picking up everyday are aiding his mobility, and his curiosity of the world around him is driving him to do new things more and more often.

One of Leo's new found skills is the ability to pull himself up. A skill that puts all kinds of worry through me. I am terrified he will fall and hurt his head, especially as his favourite object to pull himself up on, is the television stand. The stand is all glass and riffled with lovely sharp edges....just inviting Leo to miss a footing or let go briefly that will result in a little tumble, with the potential to do some damage.

Leo is yet to pull himself up against the sofa (The safer option, and also my preferred choice) but I know he is just going to keep going forward and push all his boundaries to the limit. He demonstrates this each and everyday. He would much rather play with the flower ornaments and Granny's vases full of fairy lights over the obvious toy selection!

Leo began to start pulling himself up independently just over a week ago on Saturday 3rd March 2012. I was so proud. One of my top 10 Mummy moments.

There is not much time to sit around with my feet up, these days as soon as I do sit down, I am jumping back up again to remove Leo from the parts of the room that are off limits to a crawling baby, who can now pull himself to standing! I am hoping that in the next few months Leo will take his first steps.

Don't get me wrong, I am not wishing any time away. I just want to be the one to witness his first steps, and if he takes them in July....I will be back at work and kicking myself for missing such a crucial moment in my Son's life. Leo is just coming up to 9 months old and I myself took those all important first steps at 10 months old. Let's hope he takes after his Mummy and not his Daddy, who according to his Mum...was a little lazy in the walking department!

As you know I have been practising a few basic signs with Leo for the last few weeks. I am certain that today....Leo signed his very first sign. I am 99% sure he signed milk to me! It wasn't in any context but the hand movement was there all the same. I am going to keep persevering with him, in the hope that he will get into the habit of signing, and understanding the words in context with the sign it's self.

When did your little ones take their first steps? and if you have ever signed with your children, how long did it take to reach an understanding, so that they can sign their needs to you?

Laura xx


  1. My son Josh was walking by 10 months which apparantly is on the early side. I was VERY proud of him but from that point my life became about chasing him around! Ha! x

    1. That's brilliant! Did you have to do much to encourage him or did he just take off? I can imagine! It is tiring enough with him just crawling! xx

  2. Harry would pull himself up at 9months and stand alone by around 10 months, but full on walking didnt come until 18months. We were so happy when he started walking as he was the last one of all my friends children (of around the same age as him) to walk, but boy do i no about it!! Its true what everyone says 'thats when the fun starts' x x

    1. They all develop in their own time, and they all get there eventually! I have a feeling I will agree 100% with that, the fun really will begin then! xx


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