Saturday 24 March 2012

Don't Break The Line...

I have been observing Leo on this bright sunshine filled day. My findings are that like an Ant, Leo will not break the line. If you have ever watched 'A Bug's Life' you will know exactly what I am referring to.

Please, let me explain. For example: Leo is crawling happily along, and before long...He comes across my feet. Instead of diverting and crawling around my feet. He decides the best route is to just crawl straight over them. This of course makes me chuckle. Watching my little man hoist his entire body of my legs, in a mission to get to the other side. I can't help thinking that it may take a little less effort to just go around?

It makes me think of people who follow their Sat-Nav's to the most comical destinations, I am one of those fools. Maybe Leo has inherited this determination to get where he wants, the way he wants from me. I follow the Sat-Nav even when I know in my heart of heart's that you should not drive through a deep ford, as the destination is most likely not on the other side. The only saviour I had that day, was having a new Mother and her newborn baby in the car with me. I think had I been on my own...I would have followed the Sat Nav through to the other side. After all I did follow the Sat Nav all the way down the steep one car slope...Even though the sign at the top of the slope read 'No Cars'. Obviously I didn't wish to break the line either. As why would a Sat-Nav lead you astray?

The way the mind works is boggling, and also rather amusing. I still look back on the day I followed the Sat-Nav to the most random place on earth. I look at Leo trying not to break the line and smile, just thinking 'if only he knew'.

I think we all try to follow 'the line' to a certain extent because it is familiar and safe. Until you throw a Sat Nav into the equation and then you may have just signed your death sentence. You never know what lies off the beaten track, and just don't know where Sat-Nav Sally may lead you next.


  1. Haha my satnav is like that but sometimes I find it hard to break the line! I must say that Joshua didn't ever break the line either until he started walking now he loves to break the line!x

  2. It must come with age and knowledge of the world around them. I am sure it wont be long before he does break the line! xx


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