Sunday 4 March 2012

The Space Hopper Pre-Shoes Review

Leo and I have been lucky enough to review a pair of the fantastic Pre-Shoes, both Leo and I have rated them very highly, we both fell head over heals and into shoe heaven, as soon as they arrived! Well actually..In all honesty this happened prior to their arrival. I have been staking out the website and looking at all the fabulous designs. If Leo is anything like me...We have a serious shoe-aholic issue on our hands!

If you aren't familiar with Pre-Shoes, I do have to ask....Why not!? I must insist that this all changes at once and you head over to their website and check out the very exciting range on offer.

Let me introduce you to Pre-Shoes: 'Susie Warner, a mother of two and a former Director of a large Company founded Pre Shoes in 2009. Susie's mission is to provide a range of gorgeous soft leather shoes for babies and toddlers that are value for money!
Pre Shoes has allowed Susie to apply her creative flair and channel her passion into a product that is fun, yet practical.

At Pre Shoes quality is of the up most importance to us and that is why we are members of the British Leather Centre.

We at Pre Shoes work very closely with the British Leather Centre to ensure the highest of quality standards. All of Pre Shoes Baby shoes leather is tested and has been awarded the leathersure mark. Whenever you see this accreditation you can be assured it is quality leather.

We know our designs are adorable and the quality is outstanding, but hey, don’t take our word for it, do take a look for yourself at our gorgeous designs.'

The pair of shoes we have had the pleasure of reviewing, is a extremely lovely pair of Space Hopper Pre-Shoes, which actually happens to be one of the latest designs in their ever expanding line up.

The shoes arrived in a very well presented transparent zip up bag with a neat carry handle, it did not take me long to get them out, and slip them with ease onto Leo's little feet.

My first impressions of the shoes were just through the roof and up to the high heavens. The leather is so soft and stretchy. I feel this is very important when putting shoes on babies. Leo is now at the age where he needs something on his feet. He crawls like a little army trooper so I like that the shoes just keep his little toes tucked away nice and safely.

They are made of soft, top quality leather that allows baby's feet to breathe, keeping them warm in winter and cool in summer.

Leo has had the odd pair of booties in the past, but they have always fallen off, so in the end I gave up putting them on him. Today though, these super Space Hopper shoes stayed on all day until I took them off! I was actually amazed. Socks don't even stay on...But these Pre-Shoes do!

The reason these shoes fit so nicely is because they have an elasticated comfort band to hold them snugly in place. These shoes don't just look the part, they are the part! They offer a comfortable, soft and practical solution, when it comes to putting shoes on babies. There are NO laces to tie or buckles to fasten, simply slip them on!

Another feature that I am up mostly impressed with, is that each and every shoe manufactured by Pre-Shoes boast an anti-slip suede sole that provides the perfect flexibility. Leo has been known to crawl into our kitchen (Tiled) in his socks...and slips and slides everywhere. Today...When he did just this, he could crawl as he would do on the carpeted floors.

I am so glad to have discovered Pre-Shoes, I think they are a brilliant product and feel that when Leo is learning to walk and toddling around, these shoes are the perfect footwear. They are light and flexible enough for Leo to get around.

They are available in four sizes from newborn up to 24 months, they come in designs for both boys and girls. There is so much choice that every taste is catered for. My all time Favourite is The Frog Prince.

The Space Hopper Pre-Shoes we have reviewed retail at £15.99.

You can visit Pre-Shoes and check out their full range.

I will leave you with a little video that Leo and I made to wrap up our review.

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