Friday 9 March 2012

A Mother's Instinct...

A Mother's Instinct is to protect her offspring from whatever life may throw their way. It is keeping them safe, happy and content. So what would you do if someone made your child feel Ugly? Fat? and that their purpose in life was un-important?

What if your child became victim to a group of malicious bullies?

I am writing this post as a family friend is currently battling this exact issue. Her 10 year old son is in First School, and supposed to be having the time of his little life. This is not the case...He is sobbing himself to sleep at night and quite honestly being pushed further and further into the lurks of depression. Who has the right to make another human being feel this way? No-one.

School's are supposed to be responsive to all bullying issues, but any attempts to speak to the head teacher and reach a resolution have been in vain. It has taken weeks for an appointment to be set up, and even now nothing has been done. In fact...This poor child has now hit rock bottom. He has endured enough taunts and finally snapped at one of the children, pushing him up against the wall. Of course...Guess who got the blame. The child being bullied, the child who has had enough.

This fills me with such anger, I know that I would jump through hoops to stop Leo ever feeling emotions like this. I would not be held accountable for my actions if I ever have to intervene with a bully, that was making my Son's life a living hell. I would expect 200% commitment from the school in the resolution to the problem and I would make sure I had their full attention. Their lives would not be worth living if they failed, and god help them if Luke had to get involved.

If I ever thought Leo was inflicting such feelings on anyone I would be so angry, I would be immensely disappointed and the punishment would be according. In my minds eye, he will be one of those people offering his hand out to pick someone up, who has fallen down on their luck. I am sure that if he is anything like his Daddy, this will most certainly be the case.

The School in question are now under the belief that the bullies are actually the victims. If any punishment is handed out, it is actually to the child who can't sleep for worry, and when he can shut his tired eyes, those tears still stream down his little cheeks. No Mother wants to hear the words 'I wish I was dead' but that is how he feels, and that is what he said.

So where are all these new campaigns to help a child suffering? The ones that always make the news and show results? stopping the bullies in their tracks? And why are they not being implemented here? Do they even exist???

This all needs to stop!

No child should think so little of themselves. Things need to change, and a smile needs to be put back on that 10 year old's face.

What would you do if your child was in a situation like this? If he is pulled from the School and re-located to another, he moves to Middle School in September and will just meet up with them all again there, where I am sure things will pick up where they left off.

Things need to be handled here and now.

Do you have any experiences of bullying and a resolution?

Laura xx

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