Friday 23 March 2012

Another Week, Another Milestone...

As another week comes to a end, I see yet another sign that shows me how my baby boy is growing up. This week Leo has discovered his baby walker, and pulled himself up against the sofa for the first time. He has been pulling himself up to standing since the beginning of March, against everything I would rather he didn't use to to this task.

As for the baby walker, I can't help feeling that the wheels roll way to fast for his little legs. As soon as he finds his footing the walker rolls forward and he either needs to run along with it (except he can't even balance yet!) or drop back down to the floor. Saying that though, he has walked along a few steps with it, allowing me to basque in yet another proud Mummy moment. Watching him find that new confidence, and the ability to hold himself with such strength, then watching him take those little baby steps, is just amazing. He has come so very far in just under 9 months.

 Leo seems to already have found an appreciation for his walker, as when he falls back on his padded hiney, he gets very frustrated if he cannot return to his up-right standing position.

That brings me to another development. A certain Blue eyed boy, has discovered how to throw a temper tantrum. When he has been re-positioned away from a potential danger. He has arched his back and screamed. When he hasn't been understood...He has arched his back and screamed. If he hasn't been fed quickly enough.....He arches his back and screams. Notice a pattern? That is just in the past week, I am all for voicing your opinions but I have to admit I will not be tolerating temper tantrums.

Leo will discover this from a young age. I will not accept a temper tantrum in any form, especially while out and about. I will pick him up and take him back home. If we are at home and he throws one, I will put him in his room for him to safely calm down. He is too young to understand just yet, but this is a lesson he will learn. I am not afraid to discipline my son.

We will be avid users of the naughty step, and we will have ground rules. Yes I am my Son's best friend, but I am also his Mummy. He will not laugh in my face and he will understand that he cannot and will not get away with murder.

There is nothing more frustrating than seeing a child who does not understand the word 'No' and finds a good telling off a hilarious joke. I want my Son to respect me, and enjoy our time together. That is why ground rules are so important. 

I am a proud Mummy that loves her baby, and loves watching each development. I am also a Mummy who wants the best for her Son and a Mummy who is not afraid to show him who is Boss. At this moment in time, I am happy watching each stage and enjoying the rose coloured glasses I have on.

At this moment in time, my boy can do no wrong.



  1. clever little boy! Not looking forward to this stage. We still have no crawling :)

  2. Thank you :-)
    You will get crawling soon, once they decide to do it that's it! It's like a switch goes off and then you are in for it!

    Becky, what is your blog address? I tried to get on it earlier and I couln't find a link xxx

  3. Eeek the tantrums are never good! , we are in that stage too. Nightmare! X

    1. Isn't it just! I didn't think the tantrums would kick in until he was at-least a year old...I think I may have been wrong! xx

  4. Well done Leo on using the walker!!

    Unfortunately, the tantrum issue is an ongoing concern with these little lovelies. I, like you have always tried to demonstrate my authority to my son. Generally, 'No' would be enough to stop naughty behaviour, but just recently he's turned into a bit of a monkey when we're home together. They go through boundary testing phases ... several times (apparently)

    1. :-))
      I think you are right, it is going to get worse before it gets better. I am just going to have to be assertive and let him know it wont be tolerated. It is great that your little lovely responds to 'No'. Currently Leo thinks 'No' and 'Stop that' are very funny and usually result in a giggle. I will have to change this! hehe xx


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