Monday 19 March 2012

Leo Signs 'Milk'

Last week I posted about my clever little boy Leo,  and how I was pretty sure he had signed his very first sign.

Now I am confirming that he can officially sign for his Milk.

I started to implement signing just last month, with one or two signs but the main focus being on 'Milk'. It has not taken long to get Leo to use it, and in the right context. I think that the biggest surprise is, how quickly he has picked it up.

It felt like such an achievement seeing him doing it himself. Asking me, his Mummy for his bottle, with the use of his little fingers.

The way I have gained an understanding with Leo, is by preparing his bottle and placing it on the table. I always say the word 'Milk' while doing the sign for it, by being repetitive and consistent, we have achieved an actual sign!

Tonight he was signing 'Milk' and we rewarded him with his bottle. We took the bottle away and a few moments later, the sign for 'Milk' was there again for all to see, and there was no mistaking it. Witnessed by Daddy, Granny and myself.

I feel very proud of my clever little boy, and I look forward to adding some more signs to our belt over the next few months.

Well done Leo


  1. My little boy has verbal dyspraxia, so signing has been a big part of our lives.
    I wish I had done it with his big sisters too! It's fun :)

    1. Aw bless him, I bet he is a right little character :-)

      We are really enjoying it.

      Thanks lovely xx

  2. We started using Makaton when my 9 year old was 2 jsut for fun through watching Cbeebies's Something special.When his first sister came along we used it again mainly for fun when she older but when his second sister came along I realised it's potential as a way of first communication.She also signed milk first along with eat.It was a great way to relieve frustration as she got older as she could sign what she wanted even though she couldn't say the words.More and more nursies and preschools are using it too so it's nice to know they have the continuation.

    1. I think it is great that you have activly taught them to sign. I can really see it easing frustration when they cannot talk, and still having the communication factor. I have also read that it encourages vocabulary, when of coursed signed with the word being spoken.
      It is great that the nurseries and pre-schools are taking it all on board too.
      Can I ask how long it took to teach a couple of signs? We seem to be doing pretty well, with our first sign under our belts :-) xx

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you :-) I am rather proud...Can you tell? :-) xx


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