Monday 5 March 2012

Daddy Comes To Baby Group!

I attend a baby group every Monday, I usually go along with other Mummy's that I have become acquainted with through many different baby events over the months since having Leo.

Today I took a V.I.P with me. I brought Leo's Daddy along for the experience.

As Luke had the day off from work after a busy weekend, being here, there and just about everywhere. I jumped at the chance to take Luke with us on our religious Monday Morning Mother's Meet. Luke accepted my intriguing offer, maybe to get a insight into my day to day activities with Leo? Or maybe because I am always talking about how Leo now mingles with the other babies, and he now wanted to see it first hand. What ever the reason. Luke happily obliged to come along.

Before leaving the house....A little later than usual (As always, when having the man with me) we took a leisurely stroll into the town where the group is hosted. I could not resist a little bit of a wind up, filling Luke in on the Pink T-shirt that he would have to attire in order to participate in the group, more of a uniform if you will. I watched his face drop, as if to say 'NO way!' and then chose that moment in time to bring him in on my little fib.

Luke must think that baby group is like School....That Leo has to go by law. He seemed very panicked that we were not there for 10:30am on the dot when the doors open, like back in the day when you missed the last bell for entering school on time. I explained that it was fine and we could arrive from anytime after the opening time. I think he was just worried they would run out of tea and biscuits...

We had a lovely time watching Leo crawl around all the toys, and up to a mirror to give himself a big wet sloppy kiss...Well in my opinion it was more of a lick, but either way Leo seemed immensely pleased with himself.

Luke and I got Leo weighed together for the first time since those early days of bringing Leo out of hospital. Leo now has to sit on the scales like the other big babies, as getting him to lie down is just not going to happen. Luke seemed impressed that there were health visitors on hand every week, so I can query any concerns I may have, and get Leo weighed, all while having a gossip with the other Mums.

I tend to get Leo weighed every fortnight and now, at 8 months old, he weighs a whopping 21 lbs & 2oz!

It was lovely for Luke to see Leo playing and really coming into his own. Leo's cheeky persona shines through for everyone to see. He demonstrated his new party tricks and crawled into the centre of the room, and began to clap. For no one else's amusement but his own.

Each week, people give up their time to make this group happen. They serve Tea & Coffee, and there is even one lady that brings along her guitar to play to the babies. They hand out Shakers so the babies can join in, in their own way and the music begins. Leo loves this, and is more than happy to clap along, giggle and smile. He especially loves the song where he gets thrown high up in the air and caught again!

When the music began Luke looked a bit taken a back, maybe I had forgotten to mention that they sang nursery rhymes? It didn't take him long to realise just how much Leo enjoyed himself. Luke was then the one to be throwing Leo up in the air and rowing the boat merrily down the stream.

Both my boys seemed to have a lovely morning, and even Luke has said this evening just how nice it was to see Leo begin to play with other children and see what actually goes on inside the Mother's Meet. He is privvy to all the little chit chats and secrets that we share while the men are out at work....

The rest of the day was a relaxed one, we all felt pretty exhausted after our stroll and baby group taking all our energy away. I say OUR but what I really mean is Lukes energy....

Leo decided upon getting home that he now has another new trick.....He likes to try and help Daddy play on the PlayStation, now he can pull himself up to standing,  and get that controller off Daddy if he really wants to! Much to Luke's utter horror!

Happy Monday Everyone,
Laura xx


  1. awww lovely! I haven't managed to drag my hubby to any yet but I am twisting his arm to take her to one of our groups on tuesday as I have an appointment and can't take her so we'll see! glad you had a nice day! x

    1. I think he will very much enjoy it! You will have to let me know how he gets on :-))

      Thank you, it was very lovely xx


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