Wednesday 14 March 2012

I Spy, With My Little Eye

I am taking in the world around me, and interacting with what I see. You see the same sights as I do, but in a completely different way. You're grown up mind doesn't hold that little sparkle like mine does anymore, you see what is in front of you. I see whatever my imagination can dream up, and that is the magic of seeing the world through a child's eyes. I love to play 'I Spy'...When I play, I see a wealth of adventure just waiting for me.

I invite you on a journey of re-discovering your child's sight by looking at the world through my eyes. Come along and take in some of my favourite sights, while playing my game of 'I Spy'.

What...You have forgotten how to play? This is just dreadful behaviour. I insist that you rack your minds and find your inner child.

Now follow me! **Crawls away at full speed**

I Spy with my little eye...Something beginning with 'S' - They are mounds bulging up out of the earth's crust. They go higher and higher until I can't see to the top any more. It's like a beanstalk that I am sure you can climb. I in vision another world at the top, full of un-discovered land. Wild animals and treasures that one day, I will find. I spy the Stairs.

I Spy with my little eye...Something beginning with ''R' - It seems we have a new pet, this pet doesn't move like the Cat does when I pet it. If I push it...It rocks back and forth. I don't understand why she is so still...Even when I pull it's tail. Nothing. It just makes me more determined to get a reaction. Mummy sits me on this strange creature and we go backwards and forwards. What a great creation. Maybe we can climb the stairs together and discover the top! I spy the Rocker.

I Spy with my little eye...Something beginning with 'W' - I can see a jungle by looking through it. This strange prevention that keeps me from breaking out, and crawling through the long blades of grass. If I could just wish away this shield, I could be out in the wild and running free. I often sit and just stare longingly out of it, hoping that it will disappear. I spy the Window.

I Spy with my little eye...Something beginning with 'B' - This object holds all sorts of interesting items, they seem to just fall off when I get too close. They stand so neatly and all of them have some sort of picture on it. Sometimes Mummy shows me some...But it all holds gobildy goop that is just beyond me. I spy the Bookshelf.

I Spy with my little eye...Something beginning with 'S' - I can stand up these days. I can pull myself high up onto my little feet using this helpful object, there is so much more in my reach on this level. Lots of buttons that seem to make magic happen. You press a button up there...and it makes things suddenly turn on. Or off....I know I am making this happen, maybe it is me that holds this power? Maybe I am magically gifted....I Spy the Stand for the Television.

I Spy with my little eye...Something beginning with 'L' - It's creepy and it's crawly. It's sitting in my hand. It's Red and dotty. I Spy a Ladybird.

Have you ever wondered what your child takes in? What they see in the world around them? We as adults look but don't appreciate the imagination that runs wild in our little ones minds. It is all a mystery to them, the entire world is new, Magic. They look but take in a different experience to us. We see an object as what it was made to do. A child on the other hand can make that object anything they want it to be.

The innocence of a child's mind is just beautiful. I will keep Leo imagining and making magic for as long as possible. He will always believe in himself and see the magic in the everyday world around him.

We will always look at the world, through Leo's eyes. His child's eyes.

Laura & Leo xx

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