Wednesday 14 March 2012

Baby Days

I remember when I was pregnant, people were always telling me at every chance they got to 'enjoy the baby days, you will blink and that tiny baby of your's will be on the move. He will be into everything and those very first weeks will roll by, if you blink they will be gone. You will be left with the memory of the baby days, and a fully fledged toddler boy'.

I knew this was all true, I took their advice and took hundreds and thousands of photos and recorded hours of video footage. Although knowing that these people were all telling me the facts and that one day I would of course have a baby boy growing up, I had no idea that time would hit fast forward as soon as Leo made his appearance into the world, and those weeks have just played on fast forward ever since, and I cannot hit rewind.

I look back at photos and videos of those very early days with my boo, and I find it hard to in vision Leo being that small and that fragile. He is such a little bruiser now. Tall and full of puppy fat. My boy.

Back in June a year sounded like an eternity. A year off work and a year to spend one on one quality time with Leo, who is almost 9 months old now. A year is actually no time at all. I am now 3 months off Leo's first birthday and I will be the proud Mummy of a 12 month old, not a he will be hanging up his babygrow and graduating, becoming my right hand toddler.

The word toddler doesn't sound right. Leo is always referred to as 'Baby Leo' but 'Toddler Leo' does not have the same ring to it. Does it? Nor does this thought seem real to me, having a toddler that is. When I was pregnant I obviously realised that I would have a toddler at some point in the near future...But I never realised that it would happen so soon. My main focus was on giving birth to my baby boy. Leo's baby day's are well and truly numbered, and I find it difficult to comprehend.

I sit and watch Leo learning new things everyday and I can see just how far he has come in 8 and a bit months and I am so proud. He has mastered the control of his neck, learnt to roll, perfected the crawl, popped two teeth up, amazed us all with his Hollywood smile and his jelly belly laugh. I could not ask for a happier baby. It is not just those skills that he has developed though, he has also developed recognition of familiar people, learnt to play with his toys and learnt some social skills. There is a way to go yet in learning to share and playing nicely with other children but out of those baby days, Leo has become his own little person. As each day goes by, I can see more of his unique personality shining through.

As the weeks keep rolling forward, I know I am going to have my hands full, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

The baby days may be nearing an end, but I know that Leo and I have many adventures awaiting us.

My new found toddler will be making an appearance in 2012, and I will be welcoming him with open arms and looking forward to seeing his temperament develop, and his character jump out.

The baby days have been amazing, but I look forward to seeing what the future holds for us, and I enjoy Leo at every developmental stage. It is safe to say though, I do miss those early days. Where I could just hold Leo in my arms and watch him sleep so soundly.

I have a feeling I will long for every stage that passes us by. I am just glad I can re-live them all here on my Blog, which of course is what I started Blogging for in the first place.

Watch this space. I am preparing for Trouble. I am getting ready for the toddler of all toddlers.

Leo The Toddler - Arriving Summer 2012

Laura & Leo

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