Monday 26 March 2012

Nappy Mountain

With all of this lovely weather, the last thing you would expect is to have a baby full of cold. Projectile vomit and a mountain of crappy nappies. But somehow...That is exactly what I have.

My living nappy mountain nightmare, that you could compare to Everest began to grow on Saturday night. It was only around 11pm when Leo awoke for the first time, and on first glance apart from the obvious clingy baby I now had in my arms, he was fine. Within minutes he had fallen asleep on my shoulder. I took the moment in and cherished it, as these days this never happens. He was so peaceful and looked so content, I just wanted to sit there and watch him dream. Only moments later...he had suddenly awoken again and at that moment my peaceful bliss quickly vanished, and Leo decided to bring up his entire stomach contents. All over me.

We sorted ourselves out and I tried to re-gain composure while obviously not smelling as sweet as a rose. I was just thankful, that it was not all over his nice clean cot sheets. Leo finally succumbed to sleep once again after relentless crying and Mummy cuddles. I finally saw my chance to escape and catch 40 winks, so with a duck and dive roll, I escaped Leo's room un-noticed and finally got to shut my tired eyes.

Little did I know, that I would perfect the 'duck and dive' roll over the next few days.

A few hours passed and then Leo graced me with his presence for a second time. As soon as I opened his bedroom door, I knew something terrible had happened. Yes, a nappy explosion that would be 10 on the Richter Scale. I will spare you the gory details and try not to re-live the moment over and over again in my minds eye. I will just say it resulted in a much needed hose down and yet another babygrow for the night.

Unfortunately for me, this was just the basis of my nappy mountain. Since Saturday night I have changed more crappy nappies that I care to re-call. It seems my gorgeous baby boy who has always been a little bottom burper, cannot let out a little puff without everything else along with it. When he does let out a little 'Woopsie' as I am now referring to them as....It means yet another nappy change, even if it has only been 5 minutes since the first. I am not ashamed to admit...I cannot take much more 'Woopsies'.

Last night was a particularly bad night, He awoke on numerous occasions and each time resulted in yet another nappy change. We got through many bottles of milk, babygrows and wipe downs, we finally ended up downstairs watching 'In The Night Garden' at 4am this morning. It is safe to say that I am one very tired Mummy, even though a certain little man seemed very impressed with Upsy Daisy. Mummy however did not quite share the excitement, but relished snuggling up together in the dressing gown.

When Leo is awake, apart from his nappy explosions at numerous intervals throughout the day. He is his usual happy self. Today however, Mummy was not. Out of nowhere I feel as though I have been hit with a hammer over the head. My eyes ache and I fear a Migraine may be to blame, but I am guessing last night did not help. Luckily when Leo had a nap, I too ran away for a sneaky shut eye. Only to wake up and feel worse than before.

Now Leo is in bed, I don't think I am going to be far behind him. I am sure I will be seeing him in the next few hours, maybe even a couple of times.

We visited the Doctor today who said it could be a few more days before we come out at the other side. I really hope I can make it that far. I was given some fabulous advice this evening in regards to a cork...but I fear this will just make matters worse...However the clip for my nose...I may be investing in one sooner rather than later.

Along with my growing nappy mountain, I am also graced with a laundry mountain. I really need to get this wash on the go very soon. That being said, today it has just not happened that way, and I am hoping that tomorrow will be a better day all around.

Let's just put it this way, I shall not be ordering a curry for a while!

This is a very tired Mummy, signing out.



  1. We managed real nappies for about the first year but when I started my teacher training and he went to nursery it was a no-go, it just became too stressful. We swapped to eco-friendly disposables and though expensive, they eased my guilt a little.Rx

    1. Hi Rachael, thank you for commenting.

      I have to admit I do swear by my Pampers and don't think I will ever sway (Slaps hand, bad mummy).

      What made you switch to eco in the end?

  2. Bleugh hope he feels better soon. x

    1. He took his time but we got there :-) x

  3. Oh no, I hope you got through the mountain! xxx

  4. Oh my, I remember the real nappies laundry pile!
    Well done you for using them so - I loved mine!

    1. We are avid Pampers users here. I have never actually used a cloth nappy. I am intrigued by them but I don't know if I am brave enough! x


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