Wednesday 21 March 2012

The Proof Is In The Pudding

Since becoming a Mummy to my beautiful boy, I have learnt many new life lessons. These life teachings have come in a very short time and have shown me the light. I am sure a large percentage of Mummy's will agree that routine is king, and when you have your routine firmly in place. The proof is in the pudding.

So why is routine so important? Giving Leo the same routine every night makes both of our lives so much easier. It let's Leo know what to expect next, and he knows that as soon as the routine starts, that it is almost time for him to shut his eyes, for a well deserved sleep.

These last few weeks, Leo is fed his dinner at 4pm, bathed and put straight into his PJ's. 6pm comes around and we have his bedtime bottle ready. We make our way upstairs and sit in his room, and he quietly drinks his bottle while relaxing in my arms. Once his 8oz bottle has filled up his rumbly tummy, he goes straight down to sleep. My baby boy is asleep by 6:30pm. For me this is such an achievement, and fills me with pride. Pride for myself.

Getting Leo to bed has not always been this easy, just a few months ago I had no real time for myself in a evening, and our routine seemed to have gone to pot. I don't know what changed in this time frame, whether it was Leo or myself? But bedtime changed for the better and instead of  going to bed at 8pm, or cat napping from 7pm and having a second wind a few hours later. He sleeps until 11:30pm after first putting him down, he then has a 6oz bottle and will then, usually sleep through until 8am.

Persevering with a routine is so important, not only for the baby but for any Mum's sanity. Keeping that little bit of time for just you, makes so much difference.

Not everyone understands what a routine really is. They don't realise that an evening is an unwind from the busy day. I have been referred to as a control freak and had people try to sabotage our routine. People who want us to run around all over the place after 5pm for selfish reasons, when we are already an hour into 'Operation Bedtime'.

I have been told how compensating just this once, will not effect my routine, but I dis-agree. How could it not jeopardise the progress we have made? I have worked so hard to have an evening and I shall not be running here, there and everywhere with Leo at this time. People have all day to visit Leo if they choose to, and it is not my concern if they have not chosen to do this. If I do it one night, that could completely throw all our progress off.

So I may be a control freak, and I may have a routine that has me housebound after 4pm, but that is fine. It works for Leo and I, and at the end of the day it is I - his Mummy who has to deal with any changes to Leo's routine. With my return to work creeping around, I need to know I am going to be able to get Leo into bed at a reasonable time, and try to keep the night wakes to a minimum, and then go into work, come home and repeat the process.

Having a few hours all to myself in a evening, is just amazing. My routine is great, and the proof is in the pudding.

How do you get on with your bedtime routines? Do you have a relaxed structure or military operation? Do you get support in your bedtime routine?



  1. More power to ya. I've never been able to get Dexter on to any routine. Every time we find something that works, he'll fight against it after a few nights and make life miserable. We've FINALLY started getting him sleeping in his own bed for most of the night, but it has taken 13 months! And even now, he still wakes several times a night wanting fed and is up by 7 AM at the latest.

    I would LOVE to find a routine that works, whatever it means for me... it just hasn't happened yet. :(

    1. That is exactly how I have found it. One thing works and then suddenly it doesn't. I have jinxed myself tonight as Leo went down and then woke up screaming. Just got him back down.

      They all get there in their own time, just makes us tired Mummy's. They are so worth it though!

      I am sure you will find something that works for you :-)) xx

  2. Holly has had a routine since she was little and now goes upstairs to get ready for bed at 7, then has a story and her bottle and is in bed for 7.30pm. Babies need routines and I don't think it's fair to be called a control freak. We don't let holly's routine stop us from going to friends or family though, we take her travel cot and continue the routine wherever we are. Mummy knows best though hunny! X

    1. I love stories, I am going to start reading to Leo, at the moment he just trys to grab the book pages. I have been called a control freak in a couple of grey areas recently. I too don't think it is fair but that is a whole other story!
      You are right, Mummy does know best :-))
      Thanks lovely xxx

  3. I have no routine whatsoever yet, Monkey wakes and sleeps as he pleases! But then he's technically still a newborn so can't be helped at the mo! Stick with what you're doing though, you're his mummy and it's clearly working! :) xxx

    1. It will come lovely, it has taken us so many different roads to get here. Newborns need so things every few hours (as you are very aware :-)) ) they get there in their own time.

      Thanks lovely. He still isn't right. Already had one wake this eve and a bit more sick :-((

      How is monkey doing now? xx

  4. your son looks so cute! Best wishes to your baby and your family:)

    1. Thank you so much :-) I am biased but I have to agree! xx


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