Monday 12 March 2012

Expecting Stories

Everyone who has had a baby, has a story. A story of discovery and of the exciting times ahead. I am inviting you to tell me all about your story. The story of finding out you were pregnant.

Where were you when you found out? What is your expecting story?

At the bottom of this post is a form for you to link up with your own story! I look forward to reading all about your exciting moments in time. When you discovered you were pregnant. If you have already written a post like this in the past, just link it up!

My story began in November 2010. I was just coming up to two weeks late and quite honestly the thought of being pregnant had not even crossed my mind. I had just been prescribed an emergency pack of 'The Pill' after running out of my perscription. I should have been more on top of my doctors appointments but with working, I have always been hard to pin down.

Being late was not un-common for me, I seem to run late for everything in life, so it was not a sign of anything out of the ordinary. I am not one of those people who tick like a clock, and as with everything in my life, I just go with whatever is thrown at me.

On the 31st October 2010, I went out for Halloween dressed as a little red devil, with the tutu skirt to match my cheeky attire. I enjoyed my night and a couple of drinks as I usually would. After this one Saturday night...I seemed to go into a sleep like state, nothing would wake me up from this tired lathargic feeling. Nothing at all.

I have always liked an afternoon nap if I can squeeze one into the day's agenda, but this was something I have never felt before. It was a constant tiredness. In a matter of days, my chest began to become very tender. It was only then something in my head went *DING, DING, DING*.

Could I be pregnant? No.... of course not...

I carried on my days at work as normal, the day's creeping by... But there was still no period.

When I hit 14 days late, I thought I best test... just to elimante any chances. I happened to be meeting my Brother's Girlfriend for a drink that night and had an old test in my bag, I confided in her how I was feeling and we decided to test in the pub out of all places!

The only thing was...I had lost the instructions that told me if I was or I wasn't.

Not a regular taker of pregnancy tests, as you will probably realise as you read on...I needed those instructions for a definitive result, an answer to my lingering question. So I did the test...and we then drove from the pub to the late night Boots Pharmacy! Just to read the back of the test package. After all that effort, the test was negative.

The next day I confided in my best friend. She told me that I was probably just late but went out and got me a Clearblue test to do anyway. I arrived and imedietly took the test, and pretty much instantly....There were two lines appearing on this little stick, that had the power to change my life forever.

I came out and declared that it was another negative. I showed her the test exclaiming that the second line was just where the pee had run a little. She laughed. Alot. Then in another breath she told me that I was pregnant.

I laughed, in shock and total denial. I did the other two tests before I left...and they too showed two lines...That apparently wasn't the pee running at all. She had also got me a Clearblue Digital test, which seemed a bit more convincing and confirmed that I was 3+ weeks Pregnant.

Then it hit me. Oh My God. How am I going to tell Luke?

It was no secret that Luke would not be happy at this prospect, he had life aspirations that didn't involve a baby. I am not going to sugar coat it all and say that Luke's response was easy, because it wasn't. Last year I had to be strong for both of us, I had to be the reasurring voice that kept us both above the water, and I also had to contend with all my new emotions, along with 101 new hormones.

I felt that I should have been on the recieving end of the reassuring voice, and not the one having to talk him down. I just wanted him to want the life we had both created from day one, just knowing that in the end, everything would work out. Somehow I knew everything would be fine, but Luke didn't seem quite as convinced.

I kept hoping that after the first scan things would change and we could talk about how excited we were. I don't re-call ever hearing Luke tell me he was excited at becoming a Daddy.

For a while I didn't feel I could voice my excitement to Luke and that really hurt. I have never written down how hard some of those pregnancy days were. I am just thankful everyday, that I followed my heart and made the right decision.

I think there is nothing quite as scary as the unknown, and combine that with the un-expected, you then have one hell of a combination to contend with.

My expecting story was not the ideal scenario and happy smiley faces, but somewhere inside I knew that everything would be alright. I knew that Luke would be a great Dad,  and I knew as soon as Leo entered the world that Luke would be bessotted.

I can't change my expecting story, but I will always let Leo know just how loved and wanted he has always been. I am very creative and when L:eo asks the question, I will tell him the most amazing story of our journey together from bean to baby.

Laura xx


  1. I took loads of tests too because I couldn't believe it. I hadn't had any symptoms yet. Just had a feeling. Your story is funny and genuine. I'm sure your son will enjoy hearing it some day.

    1. It is funny how sometimes you just 'know'. I didn't believe it until I saw Leo wriggling away at my first scan.
      Thank you xxx


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