Saturday 7 April 2012

Remembering The Lost Baby Years

Today I have invited the lovely Emily from Babyrambles to share with us all the reminders that babies do not stay babies for long.
 The little baby you brought home from hospital is soon just a image in your head and in the little babies place...Is a fully grown child. You can be left scratching your head wondering where the time has gone, shocked at how quickly the years have passed...

Within the space of four years and one month I had Three children. Looking back at it now – it’s a blur. My youngest is now two and I’m starting to feel the madness is calming down as my children leave babyhood and start to grow up.

Running around after three little children can leave you exhausted. It can leave you very sleep-deprived too. And sadly I struggle to remember them clearly as babies. I think the chaos and the tiredness does something to your memory.

It’s amazing how much I’ve forgotten. I always thought I’d remember the milestones but even now I struggle to remember exactly what age each child was when they crawled and walked and said their first word. It all seems like a muddled haze.

I suppose I remember the most about my first son’s babyhood because we had more time for him. But when the next babies arrived I naturally had less time for them and it’s something I feel guilty about. I also feel guilty that I hardly remember them as babies.

Taking photos is so important. It’s easy to be too busy to remember. We bought our first digital camera in readiness for our first baby.That was almost seven years ago now and I’m glad we did. It meant we could take as many photos as possible. These days we can use our phones to capture every moment too.

I often look back through our photos – there are hundreds. Possibly a few thousand. But each one is so important. By looking at the pictures I remember little outfits they wore, the faces they pulled and the toys they liked to play with. It shows the memories are in my head still, I just need photos to help me recall them.

And I’m glad I have my blog. I started it while I was pregnant with my third baby and reading the old posts reminds me of what we were doing and what the challenges of daily life were. It’s amazing how quickly times change. It can seem like they’re lasting forever at the time. But it’snot like that really. Children grow up so quickly.

Everyone with older children tells me the time goes quickly.When you’re at home with your first newborn baby you can’t ever imagine them becoming a child. I change very little within the space of six months or a year, and yet my children change dramatically in that time. I want to remember every moment but it’s hard.

So I must remember to take photos. And print some of themout. And back them up on the computer! Because they will help me with my memories to treasure forever.

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