Saturday 14 April 2012

The Zippy Suit Review

Have you ever got your little baby all ready for bed in that lovely onesie, and felt that great feeling of satisfaction?

 After all you have won the battle by getting all those poppers following in succession, while you were fighting your munchkin's wriggles and squiggles, the rolling away and then of course the inevitable crawling away... It is only then you sit back and take a satisfying deep breath, and suddenly that satisfaction is snapped away right there and then....You suddenly realise that the poppers are all skeewiff and you actually have to catch your little monster, to try and do them up... all over again.

Of course over the last Two weeks I have had this frustration again and again, with Leo being poorly and creating the task of many extra nappy changes. The amount of nappies was soon the size of Mount Everest...and those poppers were not helping me in the least. My frustration only increased at night time, when the nappies still kept coming. Have you ever tried doing poppers up in the dark? I have and I do not recommend it. It added much extra time to the task in hand and by the time I had got it 'kind of right', Leo was wide awake and wanting to play. In my eyes...That is a mission fail!

I found myself asking for a solution, surely someone had an answer to my popper nightmare!

It was around this time I became aware of the Zippy Suit.

We have been sent a Zippy Suit to review, and as you will discover, our findings have been incredibly positive, and taken away the frustration of the fiddly poppers.

Zippy Suits are a revolution in baby changing, instead of the traditional poppers which frustrate so many tired parents like myself. In the poppers place there is a zip! With One magic 'swoosh' Leo is nice and snug, ready for bed. The zip makes the nappy change less time consuming and of course takes away the frustration for Mummy and Leo!

Zippy Suits was born when the founder of the company Nicole Graham realised the frustration it entailed matching up the poppers on babygrows. Nicole's daughter was a wriggler and squirmer, just like Leo... Nicole in her search for a solution, made the very first Zippy Suit and has never looked back.

Nicole conducted research and discovered that their was a perfect Zippy Suit shaped hole in the market, and a growing number of frustrated parents, who would welcome the new concept with open arms and a grateful smile.

Zippy Suits are a luxuriously soft, all in one babygrow that are perfect for babies to sleep soundly in or even play in. Not to mention the fact that the designs are bright and come in a range of different colours.

The Zippy Suits are unique due to their single zip fastening along the leg instead of many annoying poppers. Parents such as myself, simply put Leo's feet into the Zippy Suit and then zip from one foot to the other.

Very simple and takes seconds...rather than minutes!

This is considerably quicker than trying to match up pairs of poppers, especially when babies are wriggling around, or at night-time when they are wriggling around and being changed in dim light.

To complete the look, you can also purchase a matching Bandana Drible Bib that match the Zippy Suit's exciting designs.

Leo is a very active baby boy, he does not have the time to be sat around waiting for his silly Mummy to do up those silly poppers. Especially when it will sometimes take 2 or 3 attempts! He would much rather be crawling away to greener pastures...Sometimes this occurs even before I have chance to put a new nappy on him!

Tonight on the other hand, with the help of the Zippy Suit. This has all been avoided. Yes Leo did wriggle and he most certainly did squirm...The difference being? Well it only took me a couple of seconds to do up the zipper. That was it, he was free to play. There was no frustration on either side.

 Happy Mummy and a happy Leo!

So what does Leo think of the Zippy Suit? I think these photos speak for themselves!

 So after seeing my very happy baby boy in a fabulous Zippy Suit, the question on all of your lips is, how do you get one of your own?

Well firstly let me tell you that it is very possible to accomplish this, and they come in a good size selection, ranging from 3-6 months right up to 12-18 months.

Zippy Suit's cost a very reasonable £12.00, in my eyes they will take away any nappy changing frustrations you may have, and have quite honestly made life much easier at certain times of the day and of course...Night! 

You can purchase your Zippy Suit right here and with this special discount code: FIRST10Z, you can get 10% off your order.

The Zippy Suit has a very big thumb's up from Leo and I, I continue to look forward to the new found ease of nappy changes with my wriggly baby boy.

Thank you Zippy Suit!

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  1. These look like such a fab idea!! I must say i don't have any experience with poppers yet but i can imagine the problems. I am def going to have to look into getting one of these for baby girl when she arrives :D Xx

    1. Once you attempt the popper you will agree even more so! :-) they have some gorgeous Girly designs that baby girl will look beautiful in! Leo is fast asleep and dreaming in his right now :-) xx

  2. Too many times in a darkened room or just from exhausted clumsiness have I buttoned up baby wrong and had to start again, frustrating! This sounds great!

    1. Hey lovely, I did not think I would be the only one who has had the same issue with the darkened room. They are very good :-)

      There is a competition running if you fancied a chance of winning one :-)


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