Friday 20 April 2012

Trunki Visit London Zoo

Earlier last week I was in receipt of a very exciting invitation. This invitation signified my very first visit as a blogger, and the prospect of accepting the very kind gesture, was something I could not pass by. I have been excited at the prospect of meeting other blogger's for a while, so this opportunity really made my day.

I know...I am keeping you in suspense as you really want to know who the invitation was from and where was I going to be heading on this momentous day?

Well.... Trunki sent me the all important date for my diary, and not just any date. Trunki had invited Luke, Leo and myself to London Zoo for a day of looking at all of their new creations, and of course provided a great day out at the Zoo.

We started our day very early as we did not want to be late for our 10:30am appointment, we made our way from the heart of the Cotswold's to Uxbridge with sleepy eyes. It was here we caught our train into the hustle and bustle of city life.

Leo of course was true to form, and thoroughly enjoyed his first trip on the London Underground. His emotions were sky high and ranged from excited to hyper-active, he bounced up and down like a man on a mission, while staring out of the window in wonder. When having a little rest he was finding a helpless victim on the train to sit and relentlessly stare at, those victims had to succumb to his flirtation and were soon chatting away to him, making his cheshire beam ever brighter.

We arrived in London a little later than expected, and quickly found our bus ride which we hoped would get us to the Zoo in record time. Unfortunately after the bus terminated no where near the Zoo...We realised are grave mistake. We had caught the bus on the wrong side of the road...Meaning we were not around half an hour late...

It was here I lost my patience and got my little brood into a taxi. Luckily for us the taxi man saw us flailing on the side of the road, obviously standing out like a sore thumb. He could obviously tell we were country bumpkins and not accustomed to the way's of London travel. He even commented on the fact that we were not local to the area, but this amazing man was our saviour. He dropped us right at the Zoo gates, maybe worried that we could loose ourselves once again. I was so incredibly thankful even though it was now pouring down with torrential rain...

I wasted no time in trying to find where we were supposed to be, I was so gutted to be running late for my very first event and I did not want to miss a single thing. I have to thank Bex over at The Mummy Adventure for helping me locate everyone, and catching the lovely ladies at Trunki before they made their departure back to Bristol.

Trunki were set up by the Komodo Dragon's, hiding away from the rain. They had all their products lined up ready to present them to me, the blogger running late.

I was very glad they had waited for me so I could have a look at the fantastic range of products. The ladies were very understanding into my very apparent lateness, but still took the time to talk me through everything that I wanted to know. I am pleased to announce that I can now share all of these fantastic details with you all!

Trunki are launching their new product Snoozihedz just in time for the Summer months of travelling with your little munchkins. It is easy to see how this will soon be an essential for all of your little ones travelling needs.

Trunki Says...
SnooziHedz is the ultimate travel essential for the car, plane, train or even a space ship! The cute character simply unzips to reveal an inflatable insert for the pillow and a plush fleece blanket, ensuring little ones are comfy and warm from head to toe. The blanket also features a pocket for teddy to take some shut-eye too.

SnooziHedz features the unique Trunki Grip™ on both the pillow and blanket. This enables parents to connect the blanket to the pillow preventing it from sliding off in transit, leaving parents to relax safe in the knowledge their little one is tucked up and toasty!

Snoozihedz are available in Four Exciting animal designs! 

- Leeroy the Lion
- Dudley the Dinosaur
- Mylo the Monkey
- Pippin the Penguin

I was happy to learn that Leeroy, Dudley and Mylo are going to be donating to charity.  For each of these Snoozihedz sold, 50p of the product revenue will be donated to support their fellow species at London Zoo. I know...You are wondering who Dudley Dinosaur will be helping! Dudley is going to be focusing his charity work on the Komodo Dragons! As for Pippin Penguin...He is going to be focusing his donations a little closer to home. Bristol Zoo (near where Trunki are based) have an on-going Penguin conservation project in South Africa, and Pippin is going to be helping them along their merry way.

I was very pleased to hear all about thi,s and I am sure both London and Bristol Zoo recriprocate this feeling.

I have to say that my favourite Snoozihed is Leeroy, we always reffer to Leo as our little Lion. This fit's my boy down to the ground!

Leo and I have been kindly given a Snoozihed to review, on our next outing we will be making full use of our new friend and writing our glowing thoughts up very soon!

I have to admit I have always loved Trunki, not just for their exciting take on luggage for little people, but the company as a whole. It does have to be said though....There is just something magical about a suitcase a child can ride on, and I know that this is something we will be investing into, in the not so distant future.

The day did not end here, I was lucky enough to meet some of the lovely Mummy blogger's that I have become very friendly with over the past few months. Gemma at Always a Mummy and Bex at The Mummy Adventure.

All 3 of us brought our little bundles of joy and we all spent the day together enjoying the Zoo. I found the fact that none of us had ever met before hard to believe, as the conversation ran like we had known each other for many years. There were no need for introductions as I knew who everyone was the instant I laid eyes on them.

Bex's baby boy Dylan is adorable and has the most contagious smile, it was lovely watching Leo interact with him. Gemma's two little angels were just adorable, Kelz is at the age where she was loving the Zoo and made us all chuckle with her running commentary and little lady attitude, and Kai is just completely and utterly scrummy! It really was a pleasure to meet everyone.

I would like to thank Trunki for a brilliant day out at London Zoo, and allowing us to come and look at their upcoming product line.

A big thank you from....
Laura, Luke & Leo


  1. Was lovely to meet you and your lovely boys too. Dylan has been much more of a snoozy head today luckily! Hopefully see you again soon! x x x

    1. It was a great day! Cannot wait to rally everyone up and arrange another meet! Aw glad Dylan has been having lot's of sleep! xxx

  2. Awwwww, sounds like you had a lovely time!!!! :D


    1. Hey lovely, it was a great day. Next time you will be there with your baby girl! We will all have to get something on the calender!! xxx


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