Wednesday 11 April 2012

Forever Changing

Leo turned 9 months old on March 27th, and with every week that goes by. Something in him changes. His character becomes more playful with each passing day, and we are now at the point where we can even play games amongst ourselves.

He likes to clasp his mouth around my nose in a cheeky manner, and when I pull away and 'Rarrr' he finds it so funny, that he just has to repeat the game all over again. I love that we can now express ourselves through playful actions. We laugh so much together these days...

One of our latest tricks is playing 'Nappy Head', this usually occurs around about the time Leo is getting changed. We must look very odd playing around with a nappy on our heads but Leo always finds it highly amusing, it makes the whole experience of looking an idiot worth every second.

It always starts with me placing a (new) nappy over his head like a hat. He will crack one of his amused playful smiles and pull it straight back off again. It is then my turn to wear the nappy hat, and as soon as I place it firmly on my head, Leo is there pulling it right back off again.

It is very repeatative but I guess that is what babies respond too, infact the majority of the games we play are the repetition of the same actions.

This seems to make changing his nappy a lot easier (even if it is a bit of a bonkers game!) as these day's Leo will just not stay still for even a second. Getting him to lie down still is a 007 mission, and when you are trying to clean up a nappy explosion...You can imagine how difficult and messy it can get...

I have to say this crawling Malachi is very tiring....I know when he starts walking....I am going to really feel it! Leo can now easily pull himself up against any surface if he really wants to. He will stand up in his cot awaiting release, and he will even climb the stairs if he is given the chance! He climbed right to the top just the other day, followed very closely by his Daddy and I.

 Leo is still yet to stand un-aided but I know he will get there in his own time. He will cruise contently along the sofa to get to his targeted destination. He usually eyes up his Aunt sitting on the laptop and decides he would be a great asset to her. Much to his Aunt's disappointment of course, when he does arrive and starts helping her with her typing...

Leo shakes his head in discontent, usually when he does not want his Milk or further feeding. He can now express himself in ways he could not a few months ago. While he was ill there was a lot of head shaking and hands flailed around in a very angry way, letting me know that if I even attempted to give him his Milk again...He would knock it to the floor.

Along with his physical development, I have heard many new sounds coming out of his mouth. He has perfected 'Da Da Da' in the last month or so, and on Easter Sunday he started to say 'B B B'. With this new sound he has found that he can roll his lips with his fingers and make the most funny of noises and he can also bop his mouth like a Indian to make a completely different noise.

My clever boy is also at an age where he is copying certain things, he mimics some sounds. He growls and roars! We take it in turns, and I know it makes us sound absolutely insane but is one of our little quirks. Not only does he mimics sounds, but he is also watching me intently. Just today I patted my younger brother on the head... So Leo did no less than crawl over and pat his uncle lovingly on the head.

When did my baby boy grow up so much?

Easter Sunday...

On Easter Sunday we went on a family walk to see the floweing Bluebells. We took along Grandparents, Great Grandparents and a few Second Cousins and Great Aunts.

Leo started off in a carry nest on his Daddy's back, but it was not long before Leo's head started to flop. He had tired himself out and could not get comfortable enough to have a little sleep. In the end I took my tired baby boy out of the carry nest and carried him in my arms. Within minutes of being lay down in his Mummy's arms, Leo was fast asleep and dreaming.

Leo is not as light as he used to be, and I am pretty sure my arm muscles that were pretty non existant are starting to become a little bit more beefy!

This was my baby boy's first Easter, it was spent with family which was lovely, but unfortunatly there was not much Chocolate. Leo was in reciept of One Easter Egg...I did him a big favour and I demolished it myself, as I did not recieve a single solitary egg! Plus the fact that my little munchkin is too young to have his very own Easter Egg.

Mummy did Leo a big favour...
Sorry Leo...

I know time is just going to carry on speeding by, and Leo is just going to keep growing up. I don't want to forget a moment and I want each milestone to be captured and frozen in time. I am so glad that I will have such a time line of his baby day's, with my thoughts and feelings safely tucked away so that he will be able to share them with me one day.


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