Wednesday 17 October 2012

A Slumber...

Leo usually loves his cot, he spreads out and makes the most of all that space he has all to himself, like a little star fish imprinting himself amongst the sand.

Leo sometimes even pines for his cot, especially if we are away from home. He knows that something is different, and is far from the routine that he usually follows and longs for the reassurance of his own cot and his own room.

Sometimes though, if Leo is poorly or not feeling himself all he needs is a cuddle, and when those tears are falling down his face, you just need to scoop him out of bed and give him a reassuring cuddle.

last night Leo awoke around midnight, and no matter how I tried to soothe him, he continued to cry. I don’t know what was wrong even now. The only guess I can make is that his teething is back with a vengeance.

With it being so late and work calling my name the next morning, I decided to bring him into my bed and snuggle him up next to me for a slumber. Leo was instantly reassured by my presence next to him and with his blankie in hand, he closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep while I tickled his tummy.

My little man and I were having a sleep over, a special moment in time where it was just the two of us.

This is not a regular occurrence and not something I object to once in a while. In fact having Leo there was lovely. I could hear him breathing; and I knew when he had fallen asleep just by how he was taking in deeper breaths.

Somehow Leo managed to take over the whole bed, his little arms flinging around and hitting me in the face, accompanied by a little giggle from the depths of his dreams.

Just hearing my baby sleeping and knowing he was lay by my side dreaming his little dreams was enough to send me off to sleep too. I had thought we may be in for a terrible night, but Leo slept next to me until 5am before returning to his cot.

Sometimes all you both need is a little slumber party!

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