Wednesday 3 October 2012

The Panasonic EW-DS11 - Vibrating Toothbrush Review

I recently visited the Panasonic head office as an Intelligent Living Mum.

This means that over the next 12 months I will be taking part in interactive work shops hosted by Panasonic themselves, and also putting their products through there paces in a series of product reviews.

At the end of our first session we were presented with a bowl, this bowl was a lucky dip in order to determine which product we would each be taking home to test on this occasion. In the bowl were pieces of paper with our fate documented on the front There were bread machines, men’s shavers, women’s epilators and vibrating toothbrushes all to be picked in this prize draw, you could see the horror in the eyes of the ladies who had just pulled out the epilator for review purposes!

I outstretched my hand into the bowl and pulled out my fate.

I was to take home a shiny Red Panasonic EW-DS11 vibrating toothbrush.

We had already been shown the toothbrush in a demonstration a little earlier, and I had been impressed by the nifty little toothbrush’s capability.

The Panasonic EW-DS11 is a compact electronic toothbrush that runs on battery power (1 x AAA - batteries not included). The toothbrush makes the perfect travelling companion with it’s matching lid that keeps the brush it’s self clean and hygienic, ready for the next use. When you see the toothbrush in it’s casing you probably wouldn’t guess that it is actually a toothbrush hiding away in there.

The casing is entirely plastic and comes in a variety of colourings.
- Red
- Black
- Pink

I have a fantastic Red one that just looks great. It is something that you could keep in your bag and no one would actually recognise it as a tooth brush. It could easily pass as an item of makeup that would not look out of place, and because of it’s size it is so easy to transport around with you.

The batteries will last for approximately 90 days based on a consistent usage of around 2 minutes per day, but then if you take into consideration morning and night time brushing then this will most likely be less than the forecast 90 days. I know that I spend longer than this brushing my teeth so I will be popping batteries on a more regular basis. Although I have been using this toothbrush for over a week now and so far the battery is holding up nicely. It is still nifty and I haven’t noticed any change in the operating speed, so I will keep note of how long it lasts before a replacement is required.

I do really like the fact that it runs on batteries as when you are going abroad the last thing you want to do is cart the charging base to your electronic toothbrush with you. And if you were worried that the battery for the toothbrush may run flat while you are away all you need to do is have 1 AAA battery at hand. This is something you could easily take along with you with no added hassle or inconvenience.

The toothbrush boasts 16,000 sonic-vibration brush strokes per minute which helps you work toward cleaner teeth and fresher breath. When I was first introduced to this brush last week, it was on and you could not hear a thing. It was silent all except for a tiny whisper. When it was eventually passed to me, it was only then apparent to me how powerful this little toothbrush was. Many electric toothbrushes that I have used in the past are pretty loud, and in comparison the Panasonic EW-DS11 is nothing at just 37 dBa.

Upon getting home I instantly put my old toothbrush in the bin and switched over to using my new Panasonic brush. Prior to my Panasonic EW-DS11 I was using a simple disposable toothbrush. The first thing I noticed about the Panasonic was that the brush was substantially smaller than on my disposable brush, and the first few uses did feel a little strange due to this.  After a few days of using the Panasonic I soon adapted to the smaller brush and I now feel extremely confident with what the brush can do. In fact because the brush is smaller it can reach to the very back of my mouth and to all the hard to reach tooth surfaces. You do still have to brush effectively or you may miss areas but over all I am very pleased with the range of this tooth brush.

I feel more confident that I am getting a more thorough brushing with the Panasonic. After I have brushed my teeth they do feel fresh and clean, but I have been spending longer brushing my teeth just to make sure I don’t miss an area.

What I really love about this toothbrush is just how stylish it is and that un-like other electronic toothbrushes I have tried at other points the head does not suddenly fall off during mid brushing. Some people may prefer this toothbrush if it featured a rechargeable battery, but for me I was very pleased with the battery and this would not put me off purchasing.

You can purchase your own Panasonic EW-DS11 vibrating toothbrush directly from Panasonic for £40.99.

Disclaimer: I was provided with the Panasonic EW-DS11 for the purpose of this review, however all views and opinions expressed are completely honest and my own.

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