Wednesday 24 October 2012

The Cosatto Moova Group 1 - Little Monster Car Seat Review

Last month I was given some fantastic news; over the next 6 months I have been chosen as a Cosatto Brand Buddy which means that with Leo’s help I will be putting some of Cosatto’s products through their paces.

Leo and I have already had the pleasure of taking the Yo! Pear Drop out for a spin and demonstrated the ease of the Noodle High Chair, and this month we have received the very bright and cheeky Moova Group 1 Car Seat in the popular Little Monster design.

This was perfect timing as we were actually in the market for a new car seat, Luke has very recently bought a new vehicle that can comfortably take all of us out, and the only thing missing from this equation was a car seat for Leo to ride along in safely.

I had recently seen the Moova Little Monster in the flesh, when I paid a visit to the Cosatto Cuppa last month; I had come home and told Luke all about this attractive car seat. So we were both over the moon to discover we were going to be in receipt of one to try out.

The Moova arrived in a tell tale box that told me instantly what was inside, Leo assisted me while I opened it all up and pulled out Leo’s new car seat. The Little Monster design is so characteristic, and it suits Leo down to the ground, it is as though it was designed exclusively for him. The Lime Green stripe that goes around the entirety of the frame brings so much colour and offers a great alternative to the traditional Blue that you tend to get a lot of for baby boys.

Leo didn’t even allow me to un-wrap it all before he was trying to climb in and sit down. He was looking at the little monster and poking his eyes. He looked really excited about his new ride.

The seat it’s self is really well padded and even the padding continues to run the little monster theme throughout. The seat belts have padded shoulder straps and the seat even boasts side impact protection which is something that I always look for in a car seat.

The seat features a 5 point safety harness which keeps even my little monster at bay. It is easy to adjust the length of the straps by simply pulling the pull adjustment located on the front of the car seat.

The Moova Group 1 Car Seat is suitable for children from the age of 9 months or from a weight of 9kg which is equivalent to about 19lbs. It can be used until the child is around 4 years old, or weighing around 39lbs (18kg).

The Moova is a follow on car seat from the rear facing range that you use with your baby from newborn, it gives your little one a higher seat so that they can see everything that they whizz past in the car, and the higher seat is designed to ease any travel sickness that your little one may experience.

There is a 3 position recline which I feel is essential for a baby car seat. Leo is always falling asleep while we are out and about in the car so I feel reassured that he is cradled in his car seat, rather than slumped forward, falling all about as he tries to snooze. Even at 15 months Leo is still my baby and still loves a good nap, so I want him to be safe and comfortable in every instance.

I have to admit that up until we received the Moova I had never fitted a Stage 1 car seat before. We had previously got our original car seat fitted by a professional service, mainly to aid my peace of mind that it was fitted correctly so that I could sleep at night... We really were in un-charted territory on this occasion!

Fitting the Moova Little Monster Car Seat

The Little Monster Moova is secured into the car using the vehicles 3 point seat belt, to start securing it you need to pull the seat belt and thread it through behind the Moova Little Monster Car Seat. Attach the seat belt to the seat belt anchorage point and begin to pull it tight. There is a Red clip with the car seat that needs to be fitted as close to the anchorage point as you can get it in order to lock the belt in place.

Luke and I found the installation a little tricky. I say tricky as at first we could not get the car seat in securely and it was moving from side to side when we tested it by giving it a little shake.

The secret to correctly installing the Little Monster Moova lies with the red clip that tenses the seat belt, you have to get as much tension into the belt as you can, by securing the belt at the appropriate anchorage point. This in turn will then make the car seat secure.

I did find the Red clip took a lot of effort to get in securely and the installation process was a little time consuming as we wanted to make sure it was in correctly.

Once it was in place we knew that we had successfully installed the car seat by giving it another little shake, it rewarded us by reassuringly staying perfectly still and sturdy.

When it comes to car seats it is better to be safe than sorry, if you have any queries about your Cosatto car seat you can contact the Cosatto Customer Services.

What do we think?

We have installed the car seat in Luke’s van and Leo is now sat comfortably in the front. If you are going to fit a car seat in the front of any car then you do need to make sure that all air bags are switched off.

Now that the car seat is in place it is very solid and secure, we have recently taken Luke’s new vehicle and The Moova car seat out for a test drive. It was a 2 hour journey each way and Leo thoroughly enjoyed going along and looking out of the front windscreen in Daddy’s car. He is at the perfect height to kick Luke’s CD player and look at all of the lights on the dashboard, so my little monster is perfectly happy.

The whole car seat is so sturdy and stable that I was instantly filled with confidence once it was all fitted. All of the padding and safety features are well thought out and realistic. Not only does the Moova offer a very comfortable ride for your child, but it is safe and secure.

If you do struggle with fitting any Cosatto product or need some advice you can always call their helpline. Cosatto are such a friendly company and they offer a great customer after service, I am sure they will help you along with any queries that you may have.

The Moova Little Monster Car Seat is available to buy from Argos for £114.99 inclusive of free home delivery. 

As with all Cosatto products the car seat comes with a manufacturers 4 year guarantee, for the added peace of mind.

Disclaimer: I was sent the Cosatto Little Monster Car Seat for the purpose of this review. However all views and opinions expressed are my own.


  1. Hehe cheeky little monster in the video!

  2. Hi. Did the 'all important' red clip come loose in the packaging. We can't seem to locate one and the for without is terrible (unusable!!) cheers

  3. Hi. Did the 'all important' red clip come loose in the packaging. We can't seem to locate one and the for without is terrible (unusable!!) cheers

  4. Hi. Did the 'all important' red clip come loose in the packaging. We can't seem to locate one and the for without is terrible (unusable!!) cheers


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