Thursday 18 October 2012

The Easywalker June Review

Back in July I introduced you to Easywalker and their range of strollers that have been rolling all over the pushchair scene for around 23 years. In this time frame Easywalker have been perfecting the design and manufacturing of their strollers by following basic and effective guidelines.

These guidelines promote all that is Easywalker, and one of their biggest goals is to keep the essence of the stroller simple, of course there are a number of other ways Easywalker manage to produce such versatile pushchairs:

Easywalker belive in:
- Producing quality, sustainable solutions
- Operating on a ‘less is more’ strategy, and keeping everything simple.
- Boasting all terrain features, enticing you to go anywhere and everywhere!
- Offering value for money on all of the fantastic features.
- Making the designs of the strollers, practical and sporty.

Easywalker’s main aim is to provide a stroller for every need, a stroller that is visually appealing, comfortable for Parent and baby, but most importantly simple to operate.

Easywalker have just released the highly anticipated June. The June is a stroller that has been shrouded in secrecy for many months, and Chinese whispers have circulated around it.

So what is the truth about their latest masterpiece?

The June has been available in the UK since the beginning of September 2012, and within a few days of it's release I was lucky enough to have one show up on my front door step, all ready to try out with Leo.

With the June’s arrival I quickly set myself the all important task of getting it set up, so I could marvel at it all the more.

What’s in the box?

I laid out all the bits and pieces in front of me, the four air wheels, the frame and seat unit, raincover, hood and seat liner. 

I had a quick read of the instructions and began to piece the June together like a jigsaw puzzle.

The seat unit was already fixed onto the frame so that was the first hurdle completed for me, so I focused my attention on the wheels, which you simply position until you hear a click. With the all four of the wheels now poised and placed in the correct formation I slipped the vibrant red seat liner into the unit and marvelled at the colour combination against the dark Black frame.

My final task in the piecing together of my June, was attaching the hood to the back of the seat unit. There are two plastic hinges that need to be attached to either side of the unit. You will know when you have them correctly fitted as you will hear a ‘click’ with each successful attachment.

I struggled attaching the hood and it took me a few attempts to get it on properly. I found the best way to attach it was to put the seat on the lowest height, and then fasten the hood into the hinges. When you have successfully attached your hood, you will need to do up the zip so that it is completely secure.

Of course it would have taken half the time if I had not had the added distraction posed by Leo. This not so welcomed help consisted of Leo pushing the June away from me while I was trying my hardest to click the hinges into place….

With the hood now fastened securely, the June was ready for our first adventure. It looked fantastic, I chose the stunning Black frame combined with the striking Red seat unit and seeing it in the flesh really did not disappoint.

The set up process is simple, and the instruction manual that is provided gives you all of the information that you need in order to get your June up and running.

To change the position of the seat unit you need to locate the frame underneath the seat. Push the two ends in to un-attach the unit from the frame and then locate the Red lever which will then allow you to lift the seat off.

Then push the bar forward so that it is the furthest away from you and simply click it back into place, facing in the opposite direction. 

The Easywalker June has a large and well padded seat unit and Leo sits so comfortably inside. It allows Leo to sit completely up-right as he goes along taking in the world around him, while he sits safely and securely strapped in with a 5 point harness including padded chest pads.

There is a fantastic recline feature that can be accessed underneath the front of the seat unit. Pushing the bar up and pushing the seat unit back, will recline the seat so that any sleepy babies or toddlers can shut there tired eyes. It is not a completely flat recline but judging by Leo’s sleepy time in there, it is very comfortable.

One thing that I always consider when looking into a new pushchair is the seat position. In those early days just after baby has come out of the carry cot, I think it is very important to have a stroller that allows you to have the parent facing option along side the standard forward facing.

The June ticks this box!

I still use the parent facing option with Leo when we are out on our own, even now at 15 months old. I still love to have the choice as to which way Leo faces. If we are going to the farm park or the zoo, then I think it is really important that he can face out and see everything that is going on, but there are times where it is nice to have each other for company.

Let’s go on an adventure!

The June has certainly provided me with the ‘get up and go’ and we have been taking the June on our many adventures. We have travelled to London on the train and navigated our way through the hustle and bustle of the London streets, and then even hopped in and out of taxis on the way to our final destination.

When I travel with Leo on the train, I usually source a seat where I can sit down and also keep Leo sat in the pushchair. On this train journey there was no where to sit and do this, so I had to collapse the stroller and store it in the luggage bay. The same can be said to when I travel by taxi. I usually take the pushchair on with Leo still sat safely in it, however on this occasion I had to collapse it and put it away in the boot.

Thanks to the June’s user friendly, one click collapse feature, I was able to quickly fold it up on each occasion that presented it’s self to me and carry on our adventure.

To fold the June you first need to put the hood away and lower it down to the lowest level. The push the two Red buttons on top of either side of the stroller, then push the bottom two Red buttons up. This will make the pushchair begin to fold and allow you to collapse it. I then release the latches on the adjustable handle bar, and lower the bar right down.

And viola, it is as simple as that!

This is where the June’s size comes in really handy. It is not a bulky pushchair; in fact it is the complete opposite. The June has been designed to fit in the boot of a Mini Cooper, so it was a doddle getting the June into the spacious boot of the taxi, with room to spare. I am not worried about having to collapse the June if the need arises as I know that it is such a simple task.

How does the June handle?

I was instantly impressed with just how light the June is to manoeuvre, and also just how solid it handles. It weighs in at just around the 9kg mark and is such a breeze to push around, even with a toddler such as Leo kicking back and relaxing in the seat.

The June is equipped with four suspension and shock absorbing, all terrain wheels. Their mission is to provide the smoothest ride for baby, and I have to say that they are fantastic. When I first took the June for a walk into town, I was anticipating when I would need to lift the front wheels up so that I could get up the curb, but the June took everything in it’s stride. I simply kept pushing and the wheels just popped up onto the next level of the pavement with no issues what so ever.
We have gone over the field at our local park with complete and utter ease, but these all terrain tyres are designed to trek over beaches and even snow! So this is something I will definitely be putting to the test as soon as the occasion presents itself!

The June’s hood is such a great feature; you can heighten or lower the hood depending on babies’ height or where the sun is positioned in the sky. With other strollers I have had the pleasure of using, the hood has been fixed in place which presents problems when the sun is at that pivotal point in the sky, and is shining in your babies eyes. When the sun starts to get in Leo’s eyes, I simply lower the hood and pull down the visor so the sun is completely off his face, and out of his eyes.

The brake is a feature I have to tell you about, it is the most simple brake in the history of brakes. A simple kick down, and kick back up system that you can put on and off as you please. 


The June has many accessories that you can purchase separately in order to complete the June experience. If you are like me and like to change the colour of your pushchair, then why not purchase a spare seat liner in an alternative colour? They are so easy to put in and out, and come in a range of colours to suit all shades of the June. So if your little one is anything like Leo, you can pop in a new liner for when the other is in the wash.

You can purchase a liner from Pram World for £39.99.

With the colder weather now coming in, you may want to start considering a footmuff to keep your little one warm. Easywalker have very kindly sent us the June foot muff to try out with our June and I could not be more impressed.

The foot muff again comes in a range of colours to match your June stroller, and is soft like a duvet on the outside, and furry and velvety on the inside. It is perfect for winter and is sure to keep baby warm on a cold day. I have just fitted Leo’s footmuff to the June and we used it over the weekend and found that we did not any coats or jackets for Leo with the footmuff on there keeping him toasty warm.

The footmuff is made of waterproof and windproof material and when it is not needed for keeping your little person warm, you can unzip the front and use it as a fluffy seat liner.

You can purchase a footmuff from Pram World for £84.99 

The exciting new June has the potential to be used as a complete travel system. Car seat adapters can be inserted into the framework allowing you to combine a Maxi-Cosi PebbleMaxi-Cosi CabrioFix a Cybex Aton or one of BeSafe’s infant car seats. This is always a welcome option with a newborn baby and makes transporting your little one from the car into the house a breeze, while allowing baby to continue sleeping with no disturbance.

A very welcome addition is the carry cot, if you are like me a pram is essential in those early days. The carry cot can be purchased at an extra cost but from what I have seen, looks to be a very decent size that will allow baby plenty of room to stretch out and enjoy the ride.

I have found using the June a real breath of fresh air, from the simple to use features to the air tyres allowing you to go where you want, when you want, it really does offer a practical solution to all of your pushchair needs.

Easywalker are being stocked at Pram World. The Black chassis is retailing at £559.99 and the Silver chassis £529.99

Disclaimer: I was sent the Easywalker June for the purpose of this review. However all views and opinions expressed are completey honest and my own.


  1. Thanks so much for this review!
    I've been waiting for a while to see a hands on review of the June. To see if it's as wonderful as Easywalker claims to be. I've been doubting between buying the Bugaboo Cameleon (which is too expensive imo), the Maxi Cosi Mura 4 (which is kind of big and heavy, we have a tiny car so that could be a problem) or this (which sounded perfect on paper). But this totaly took all my doubts away. I know for sure now that this will be the stroller I am buying. Easywalker June it is!

    1. Hi Daisy,

      Thank you for your comment, I am so glad that my review has helped you decide on your pushchair. I know from experience that it is such a big decision. I am sure you will love your June! xx

  2. Hi,
    Thanks so much for your thorough review. I'd pretty much decided on a Baby Jogger City Versa, but this sounds really great!
    Just a question- to have baby facing you, do you turn the chair around or pull the handle over? Just wondering because I don't like the way many prams handle when the fixed wheels are at the front from pulling the handle across.
    I think I've been a bit long-winded but I hope you understand my question.
    Thanks again,

  3. I just love my Easywalker its simple and easy to use. Your review its very much spot on but just my 2 cent for whats its worth.


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