Sunday 21 October 2012

Toddler See, Toddler Do - Week 12

Leo is 15 months old and at the end of this month on October 27th he will be officially 16 months old. I can quite honestly not even begin to tell you where my baby has gone…

Daddy and I took Leo to his very first swanky hotel over the weekend. We travelled to Doncaster on Friday evening and Leo proceeded to spend the whole journey wide awake. I really thought that he may fall asleep at some point along the way, especially as it was dark outside. But no…Leo was far to excited about sitting in the front of Daddy’s car in his new car seat.

Luke has a new van and it allows us to all sit in the front, putting Leo in prime position to reach out, kick and pull at Luke’s CD player. Leo could see everything out of the windscreen and was completely fascinated by all of the lights that came whizzing past. Leo was dancing along to the music and kicking his legs up and down. There was no way he was giving into sleep…

He waited until the last 10 minutes of our journey to finally close his sleepy eyes, and as soon as we arrived at the hotel, Leo was gifted with a second string of energy. The hotel really excited him and he was bouncing all over the bed, running around the room and having andrex puppy moments with the toilet roll…

Leo decided he was going to continue to jump on the bed, and it soon turned into a real game. With me saying ‘Ready…Steady…’ Leo would complete my sentance by shouting ‘Go’ and jumping backwards onto the bed.

Playing is a skill that Leo is continuously developing, and he remembers so much that the games never really end.

Daddy and I were watching fearless Felix jump from the perimeters of space the other evening, and Luke was saying ‘Go on, Jump’ only for Leo to suddenly say ‘Go, Go!’ Of course Leo did not know what he was cheering on, but he joined in all the same and witnessed fearless Felix break a number of world records, including breaking the sound barrier!

On Wednesday I retreated home for my lunch, I sat and shared my break with Leo and we began to playfully pull a plastic dish back and forth. I jokingly said ‘mine’ and Leo said ‘Mu’ and continued to try and pronounce ‘mine’. He has the M down and now just needs to perfect the rest of the word. God help me…the 'mine' phase is almost upon us!

I have found I can tell Leo about objects, insects or anything that may be of interest to him, such as the spider that was sitting on the ceiling while Leo had his bath the other night. I pointed the spider out and repeated what it was and then asked Leo ‘Where is the spider?’ and sure enough Leo looked up to the Spider and pointed out exactly where it was.

The next night I could not see the spider any more, but I asked Leo anyway ‘Where is the spider?’ and Leo looked up to where the spider had been the night previously, searching for where it may have scurries off to.

This demonstrates how his memory is growing and his understanding of everyday occurrences is blossoming.

I don’t know it is possible for my cheeky 15 month old to get any cheekier…But day by day, week by week…He is becoming the cheekiest little monster in the whole wide world.

What have your little ones been up to this week? Anything exciting to report?

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