Monday 1 October 2012

Oopsy Daisy...

As parent’s I am sure we have all shared similar moments at one point or another.

There are the moments of complete excitement when your little one achieves that next pivotal milestone, when pure happiness just washes over you. But then there are the moments that nightmares are made of, moments that will bind your body tight and you can do nothing but watch the scenario unfold.

Yesterday Leo was sat at the table in his booster seat enjoying a full English breakfast. Well a small sausage and hash brown anyway! He was sat on the opposite side of the table to me next to his Aunty, and he was having a great time using his cutlery and attempting to get the food onto the end of his fork.

Leo was doing so well, and was thoroughly enjoying his breakfast, but as usual he had soon had his fill and was getting fractious. He started to push his feet against the table causing him to teeter on his chair. I called out to Alice to grab the chair but she was oblivious to the goings on and continued to eat her breakfast.

I called out again, but it was too late.

My heart was beating so fast but at the same time it had stopped all together. I watched Leo’s chair falling backwards to the floor and I could do nothing to help him. I saw Luke lunge forward to try and catch the chair before impact, but everything had just happened way too quickly.

The chair continued falling in slow motion until it hit the floor, and it hit the floor with a bang, and the bang was followed by the screams of my little man. Daddy picked Leo out of the chair and the tears were falling down his little cheeks. A mixture of fear and pain.

I gave him the biggest cuddle as only Mummy cuddles would do at this moment in time. I could feel my heart beating over time, and I was shaking head to foot. I checked his head all over and felt a small lump forming on the back of his head.

My poor little man.

I felt awful that Leo took such a tumble in his booster seat, and I still do. He has been fine ever since and the not so great adventure had been completely forgotten on his part after a few minutes.

I have foreseen this accident happening for a while now, and that is why we always push the chair away from the table if we have to move away from him at any time. We never leave him on his own in it and we always make sure someone is sat next to him.

I usually sit right next to Leo and keep my foot firmly on the bottom of the chair, so should he kick away I can prevent anything from happening. On this occasion though, for some un-known reason I did not do this. I thought with his Aunty Alice there she would be able to grab him if anything was to happen, but sometimes accidents do happen and there is nothing that you can do to stop them no matter how hard you want to.

I hated feeling powerless and unable to help Leo when he needed me most. There was no time for me to get around the table and grab him, and Daddy was just that little bit to far away too.

Lessons have been learnt from this experience though, and we will be extra careful in future. Mummy or Daddy must be the one’s to sit next to Leo in case he decides to take another flying lesson, and hopefully Leo will not be so quick to repeat this in the future.

I think this will have to be chalked down to experiential learning on all parts. As at the end of the day, we are all still learning and we will all make mistakes.


  1. Dylan has had so many accidents but they seem to bounce back at this age. Sometimes they have to learn the hard way unfortunately and I hope he stops kicking back so much. It is heartbreaking every time though x

    1. They are so clumsy aren't they. Doesn't make it any easier seeing them hurt though x

  2. It is horrible when they hurt themselves isn't it? Mads has had a fair few bumps and scrapes and they always make you feel so guilty but its a part of growing up.x

    1. It really is, doesn't get any easier seeing them hurting x


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