Thursday 11 October 2012

Toddler See, Toddler Do - Week 10 & 11

Sometimes I forget what an affectionate little boy Leo can be. There are times where he will come up to me completely out of the blue and give me a big kiss; this tells me all that I need to know.

On Tuesday when I came home from work for my lunch, Leo was playing around in the front room. Running backwards and forwards, just enjoying himself. I was sat on the floor opening the mail when Leo came towards me, getting closer and closer. I couldn’t fathom what he was trying to do, until he laid a kiss directly on me. With his goal accomplished he turned on his feet and ran back off to play.

This one little action is just the sweetest. He has obviously thought about what he wanted to do and then carried it through and this really just sums up that beautiful little boy of mine.

Leo has discovered another part of his anatomy this week to add to the ever growing list of body parts he can identify when asked too. This week he has become aware of his eyes, and if you ask Leo where his eyes are, he will squeeze his eyes tightly shut.

So we now have the knowledge of the following body parts:
- Head
- Eyes
- Hair
- Teeth

Leo’s comprehension of words continues to grow with each passing week. If you ask Leo ‘where is the light?’ he will point up to the light on the ceiling and now if you ask Leo ‘Where?’ and follow it with the appropriate hand movements, he will mirror the actions back to you and also say ‘where’.

This came about late last week when I was searching high and low for his drink cup. I came back into the kitchen and I asked Leo where it was, and flailed my arms in an ‘I don’t know’ sort of gesture. Leo then said ‘where’ and mimicked the gesture.

Leo is getting to know more and more animal sounds, we mastered cat and ‘meow’ a while ago now, but now Leo can bark like a dog ‘Woof, Woof’ and he is not afraid to make it authentic by lowering his voice and really barking.
The games with Leo continue as always, chase is a favourite at the moment and he anticipates when you are going to go and get him. ‘Ready, Steady, Go!’ Signals my intent to chase him, and as Leo waits, getting ready to run away he will shout ‘Go!’ as he takes off to get away from me.

Leo is now getting to the age where he can play fight with his Daddy, much to Daddy’s delight of course! It is not un-common these days to see Leo climbing all over Luke and the two of them having a great time. I think Luke is loving this age with Leo, as he can now be more hands on with him. The delicate, fragile stage is well and truly over and we have a rearing to go, monster bundle on our hands.

What have you been up to this week?

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