Monday 22 October 2012

Leo's First Hair Cut

Leo has always had a full head of hair, hair that has continued to grow and grow over the last 15 and a half months. It has got so long that he has often been mistaken for a little girl, with many comments about ‘how pretty she is’. Of course these comments don’t phase me, Leo is a pretty boy, with his long eyelashes, big Blue eyes and until this weekend… Long surfer dude hair.

This weekend Leo had his very first hair cut.

Having Leo’s hair trimmed is something I have kept putting off. I couldn’t bring myself to take any of those beautiful locks away from him. I was worried about how different he may look and an even scarier thought for me was…How grown up he would look.

The time really had come for a trim though, his hair was well and truly in his eyes and I didn’t want to affect his vision, so we booked Leo an appointment and took him along for his hair cut.

I had visions of how this first hair cut would go… visions of Leo being a complete little monster and not staying still enough to have his hair cut, or even sporting a wonky fringe after he suddenly knocked the scissors flying…

I really didn’t expect Leo to sit still for a single part of it, but he surprised me in every way possible and sat so very still throughout the entire hairdresser experience. My worry of an Edward Scissorhand type trim faded as soon as I realised that Leo was just sitting there taking in the experience, and did not even flinch when the hair landed on his nose.

I watched Leo’s hair falling to the floor and began to pick up the strands to put in Leo’s ‘first curl’ trinket.

I had wanted to keep as much length on Leo’s hair as possible, all I really wanted was a little trim to get the hair out of his eyes and to tidy up the back so that he didn’t look like he had just fallen through a hedge backwards! Luckily as my little monster was so well behaved, that is exactly what we got! Leo can now see out from his fringe without it intruding onto his face and covering his beautiful eyes.

The very first hair cut was a complete success, although Leo does look really grown up now, and it has taken me a while to adjust to this new look.

I was there with my camera capturing Leo’s very first hair cut experience, Luke and the hair dresser were looking at me like a I was a crazed women with serious issues. Neither of them could fathom why I was snapping away so readily!

But despite them thinking I was crazy, I have some great photos of Leo’s first trim.

Saturday 20th October 2012 – 15 months old.


  1. He looks adorable- sometimes I think they look cuter with a slightly shorter fringe, Mads always looks so sweet when she has been for a trim!

  2. Ahh, I resisted having my little man's hair cut for a long time for all the same reasons. I was terrified he'd look all different and grown up. And he did look different and grown up but still gorgeous. I still get a bit twitchy about hair cuts even now, just in case they cut too much of his lovely hair. But like your Leo, he is always good as gold and sits like a statue for the hairdresser and as a result always gets a lovely cut.
    Leo looks very handsome with his new do. And don't worry about snapping like a looney. I took loads at the first hair cut too. :) x

  3. aww well done him. we had hysterics and a total meltdown it was traumatic! he did so well! x

  4. He looks very cute! Still putting it off here as I love the way it all curls at the back (and chances are he won't have hair for long - like his daddy) so Dylan's may be in a pony tail next time you see him!

  5. We resisted the haircut for ages too. Bud's hair grew into almost a perfect bob though and lots of people mistook him for a girl (despite him looking like a boy!) When we took him for his haircut he created such a fuss that the hairdresser refused to cut it. His grandparents took him instead and he was as good as gold so I missed his first haircut but I do have a curl as a souvenir.


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