Thursday 18 October 2012

To epilate? Or not to epilate?

Today I am pleased to welcome Filipa from Gourmet Mum over to guest post for me. Filipa is a fellow Panasonic Intelligent Living Mum and is going to be sharing her recent epilating experience!

A couple of weeks ago when I visited Panasonic as part of the Intelligent Living Mums project, I was given a Panasonic ES-WD54 Epilator in my goodie bag. I was actually really pleased I was given an epilator (honestly) as I've always been of the waxing/epilating/threading ilk. Don't really do shaving... my mum told me it makes the hair grow back thicker which put me off... OK, that's enough information! Ouch ouch ouch, epilators do hurt though!

With our holiday in Portugal vast approaching I have been avidly trying out my new epilator in an attempt not to look like a yettie on the beach. I'm pretty impressed with its performance, in fact so impressed I felt the need to write a review about it, even though it has nothing to do with easy budget recipes, which is what I blog about normally.
OK, let me tell you a little bit about the epilator...
It has 48 tweezers in two rows (they call it dual wide disc technology) which basically speeds up the time it takes to epilate. They can remove fine hairs and hairs as short as 0.5mm long. It's cordless (it charges at the mains) and you can use it dry or on wet skin in the shower or bath. It comes with additional caps for 'beginners', those with sensitive skin, or for epilating sensitive areas. It also comes with a bikini comb and a shaver head attachment, if you chicken out of the pluck pluck!
Here's what I thought of it...
Firstly, it was super quick. I think it must be at least twice as fast as my old epilator, which I bought over 8 years ago. Yes, it still hurts, but  amazingly it is less painful if you use it on wet skin. Plus if you epilate in the shower it's sort of multi-tasking, which is what women do best. Just lather up your legs and go for it. Also if you have a strong coffee 30 minutes before you epilate it helps take the edge off the pain. (That's scientifically proven by  the way) Being quite quick though, the short amount of pain is worth it for a couple of weeks of silky smooth skin. It did banish those short and fine hairs and I found the caps protected the skin under my arms from nips (big ouch) from the tweezers.
So, was there anything I didn't like? Well, you can't use it while it's charging, so this required me to be organised and make sure it's charged beforehand (1 hour of charging gives 40 minutes use). Also, the little drawstring storage bag doesn't offer the epilator and caps much protection. Perhaps a more sturdy zip case would be better?
So, on the whole, I love my new epilator. I would thoroughly recommend it to non-shaving fans. Much cheaper in the long run and more readily available than waxing. Yes, is still hurts, but there is much to gain for a short amount of pain.
Disclaimer: Filipa was provided with the Panasonic ES-WD54 Epilator for the purpose of this review. However all views and opinions expressed are her own.


  1. Hi Laura! Thank you much for letting me guest post on your lovely blog! I am learning to charge it in advance so I will not be hairy next time we meet at Panasonic! Much love, Filipa x

    1. My pleasure! Thanks for letting my post it for you :-) haha, I did not really think you were hairy last time! xx

  2. I use my epilator with some area such as underarm. For my leg, I'm still waxing because it's less pain.

  3. I’d recommend Karmin!!


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