Sunday 28 October 2012

Toddler See, Toddler Do - Week 13

Last Friday, just over a week ago… Leo’s baby cousin made his arrival into the world. All 8lbs 10oz of him.

We took Leo over to meet him last Saturday, at just 1 day old and I was not sure how Leo was going to take to the meeting, being just a baby himself.

There were no fireworks and no real interest at this early stage. In fact Leo did not look overly impressed what so ever, but he did not even blink an eye lid when I had a cuddle with my little nephew.

This week my brother brought baby around to see everyone, and when he cried his tiny newborn cry that is what finally sparked some recognition with Leo. Leo stood and just stared at the noise coming from the car seat, trying to work out what it was and why that noise was happening. But as soon as Joshie stopped crying….Leo’s interest retreated to nothing.

Leo cannot fathom why little Joshie is getting bottles of milk when he isn't and has even tried to climb over to his baby cousin and take away his milk supply, so that he can have it for himself!

Leo's understanding is continuing to develop and I have heard a few new words over the last week. One that really pulled on a heart string was 'Daddy'. He has only said this once but it was definitive and there is no quibbling it. He said it.

I am just waiting for the day that he says 'Mummy' as this is the cutest word in the whole world. At present we still get 'Mum' and I am longing for the extra syllables.

The other word that passed Leo's lips was 'Hello' as he ran full pout from the lounge to the front door as he heard a knocking. As soon as the door opened he released his new word on the un-expected guests standing just outside. They looked really impressed with Leo's extravagant welcome and were soon cooing all over him.

The kind of attention little man loves!

I have also noticed that Leo is paying more attention to the word 'No'  in recent weeks, and by using a meaningful tone along with this powerful world, he knows I mean business. When I have been telling Leo not to do something, his bottom lip curls over and he then runs off to the nearest hiding place for a little sulk, which is usually behind one of the arm chairs or behind a cabinet. Of course it does not take him long to forgive me and I always go and get him for a little cuddle to let him know that all is forgotten.

Sometimes saying 'No' to Leo will result in a temper tantrum, the kind where you have to make sure he is lay down on the floor for as he goes all floppy so that he can throw himself down in anger. Leo has taken to throwing himself down to sitting and then backwards just to let me know how much he disapproves with me. 

But then there are moments where he is as good as gold, just like when we took him for his very first hair cut last weekend!

What has been really lovely over the past few weeks is that Leo will bring up books to look through with you. He will hand you the book or the toy he is wanting to play with and he will put his arms up to be picked up. Leo will then sit there contently on your lap until he decides that it is time to move onto the next book or toy. 

We have been playing with the shape sorter as this has quickly become one of his favourite toys. He loves to open up the lid and get out all of the coloured shapes and numbers, and he will then try and post them through the holes to put them back inside. He can get pretty frustrated when playing with it but he beams from ear to ear when he get's one right and it goes into the slot!

What have your little one's been up to this week? Any big moments?

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  1. Dylan has a huge fascination with his shape sorter as well at the moment, so much so that I hide it sometimes when I can't face playing with it any longer! x


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