Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Flying The Nest

Since Leo was born, we have been living in my family’s home, a home I have been known to refer to as the ‘Mad House’, and for very good reason.

This mad house has been a real support to all of us and above all else it has been Leo’s home from the very start; it has been my home too. Now is the time though for us to spread our wings and find our own home, just for Luke, Leo and I.

It is hard not having any space for just the Three of us, and we long for our own living area. Heck even our own kitchen!

Luke and I have looked at more houses than I can care to remember. We have seen less than perfect houses and we have seen houses that we would love to live in – but those houses were always just out of our reach. We have had to pass on buying for many reasons, and after continued disappointment we turned our attention to the possibility of renting.

The thing about renting that has always scared me, is that it could be sold from beneath us at any point and we could be asked to leave. I don’t want to keep moving Leo around and I want him to feel safe and secure in the fact that where we live is our home.

Finding any kind of house that you can see yourself living in is hard, you have to be able to in-vision yourself living in a house that you can make into a home. Last night we viewed a house that I had really wanted to like, it’s in the ideal location and is walking distance to my family home and Luke’s – In fact this house is two doors down from Luke’s Dad and Leo’s Granddad.

We walked into this house and into the entrance hallway and instantly loved it. The hall way led into the living room and another entrance to the dining area. Most houses we have looked at have no room to even shake a stick in, but we could fit a family dining table in this room that was exclusively there for the purpose of sitting down as a family, and we could even have friends over for a sit down meal!

There was a modern kitchen, and a decent size too that followed through into the dining area. The stairs are in the hallway and lead up onto the landing with the entrances to the Two bedrooms, which are both very generous in size.

I could see Luke mentally un-packing his bags and putting all his bits and pieces away as we were walking around. It was exactly what we needed for our family of Three.

So today is a real mile stone for my little family. Luke is in the process of applying for this house, we know there is other interest so I am just keeping everything crossed that our little family shine through and they can see we would be the perfect tenants.

Now we are faced with another challenge, aside from a cutlery and the dining set that we already have in our possession, we need to set ourselves up with everything else we need for a first time home – once we get the green light of course!


  1. Hope you can get the home. We brought lots of things but also still live with my mum. We can't wait to move into our own family home x

    1. It is such an exciting time, I hope your move goes well! x

  2. Good luck - there's nothing like having your own space even if your family are great.

  3. Awww good luck lovely, fingers crossed you get the house. xx

  4. Good luck Laura! I hope you get the dream house you & your family deserve - Amy @ JCL :) xx

  5. Ohhh thats so exciting. I hope you get it!


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