Tuesday 9 October 2012

The Tidlo Pull Along Alligator Review

Ever since I discovered John Crane toys last year, I have been in awe of all of their wooden wonders.

When I paid a recent visit to the John Crane head office I was the biggest child in the toy shop, I started eyeing up everything from Wooden castles to Fire Stations. I was making a mental note of all the toys I knew that Leo would love as he got older, and I would love for that matter!

So when I was asked whether Leo would like to try out the Tidlo Pull Along Alligator, I jumped at the chance as I knew Leo would be over the moon.

And by Leo… I do of course mean myself!

The Pull Along Alligator is a fabulous bright Green, with different equally as bright shades making up the rest of the Alligators wooden frame. This feisty little gator has a bumpy back and tail in order to promote sensory awareness.

What is really lovely is that this little Gator has his own personality going on, his beady eyes giving him a very mischievous look which is only emphasised as soon as you start pulling the string to make your gator move along!

As the little Green gator gets pulled along, this is where the magic happens. He wiggles, shakes and if you pull him fast enough, his mouth even chatters! As soon as Leo saw this pull along come to life, he was there in a flash and taking the pull string out of my hands so that he could have a go.

Pulling the Tidlo Alligator along demonstrates cause and effect to toddlers. If they perform a certain action they are rewarded with the movement of the toy, and this was obviously very pleasing to my little man.

With Leo and his gator now formally introduced the playing commenced straight away. It is not hard to work out why this toy is such a hit, it is very visually appealing and Leo has already welcomed his new addition into his blooming toy collection.

The Tidlo Pull Along Alligator is recommended from 18 months old but is the perfect addition to any little one’s toy box, I can see it aiding early toddling skills as it one of those toys that gives you the ‘get up and go’.

This little gator is a beautiful, traditional toy and one that I consider timeless.

Toddlers and children alike absolutely love to pull things around with them while they run about. Leo doesn’t care if it is a vase he takes for a spin or a photo frame, as he has done on a many occasions… However the Tidlo Pull Along Alligator allows him to run about with a toy designed specifically for his requirements, and it is clear to me that he relishes being followed by this little gator.

Leo especially loves the Alligators eyes and frequently pokes them (As he does mine) and he finds it very entertaining when I pretend that the naughty little gator has taken a bite of my finger! This usually follows by Leo sticking his finger in the gators mouth and quickly retrieving it before the gator makes a second bite!

The Tidlo Pull Along Alligator retails at around £16.00, and you can purchase your own little gator from Amazon.

For further John Crane news you can follow the John Crane Blog or even keep up to date on Twitter. They are a really friendly bunch and will be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have.

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