Friday 4 October 2013

27 Months Old

Another month has come and gone, adding precious moments and memories to your 27 months with us. 

It seems that you just come into your own that little bit more with each fleeting month, a new piece of the jigsaw comes together and slots into place. 

Even over the last couple of weeks I can see changes in you that were not there before. Simple things like you suddenly saying 'Yes' instead of 'Yeah'. That has only happened over the last couple of days, and although I do not know what has prompted the sudden change around, the pronunciation of the word 'Yes' just sounds perfect. The 's' on the end is perfectly formed and is elongated by you hissing like a snake. 

You are still so stuck in your 'Mummy's Boy Phase' and all you really want is a cuddle from me. I love that you have this special bond with me. You provide kisses on demand almost any time I cheekily ask, and you have even spontaneously planted them, right out of the blue. I know because my bottom lip is still recovering from the impact. 

But it was a very lovely thought.

You were poorly the other day little man, right in the middle of London. After only arriving an hour prior. All you really wanted at that moment in time was for me to pick you up, stick you into your car seat and drive you back home again. All you kept on saying to me was 'Mumma Car!' but unfortunately we had to hop in a taxi and head back to Paddington Train Station... Where we had to wait a little while for the next train home. Boy was I worried that you may throw up on some poor unsuspecting stranger. Luckily... Even though you were a little bit poorly on the train, for the most part you slept all cuddled up on my chest. 

By that evening you were sporting that famous smile of yours once again.

And to think that this was the day that you very ALMOST met a real life Spice Girl. Baby Spice or Emma Bunton to be precise. 

This month your Uncle Matty has flown off on a really big adventure. He has moved himself off to Australia for 2 years, maybe more. He is currently touring Thailand and no doubt causing mischief and mayhem where ever he goes. You said your goodbye's to him on Sunday but only really understand that he is going on a airplane just like you did. And you are also very aware that he is going to the beach... This definetly turned your face sour as you are longing to go back and play in the surf again.

To fill up the rainy Autumn days that have suddenly been bestowed upon us we have taken to doing some fun projects in doors. Just this week we cooked up a storm in the kitchen together... You helped me bake some Mickey Mouse Cookies. You were such a good little helper with your wooden spoon, but completely refused to get your hands dirty when it came to kneading the cookie dough together.

 So little man, here you are at 27 months. You are becoming such a big boy these days, and you know this already because I am constantly telling you. You nod in agreement and say 'Yes' because you really are growing up.

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  1. He is such a little sweetie and growing up so fast! Glad he is all better now x


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