Wednesday 16 October 2013

The Perfect Catch

Life is all about firsts, and these first few years of Leo's life has been first for many things. 

Each day Leo does something else that makes me so incredibly proud, and sometimes things you don't expect them to do for the longest time.. they just happen right before your eyes.

I can remember the day Leo started walking as though it was just yesterday, he caught me completely off guard and just took to those feet of his. He literally just got up and walked, within hours he was trying to play football. 

Running before you can really walk springs to mind...

But then that is just Leo all over, he always has been hands on and wants to be involved in everything that goes on. 

But tonight he caught me off guard once again.

Tonight Leo caught a ball that was thrown to him!
For the VERY first time!

I was in the kitchen at Granny's house when I heard a round of applause. I ran in to see what my little man had achieved and was greeted with lots of proud faces. Granny explained that Leo had successfully caught a ball that had been thrown in his direction.

My mind pondered the fact it could have been a fluke, but Leo successfully went on to catch the ball time and time again. Of course he had his moments where he wasn't so successful (Just like his Mumma...) but at 27 months old, I think this is a fantastic achievement.

You will notice in the video that Leo is wearing his shiny Red Wellington Boots.. He wears them everywhere at present as they are his all time favourite foot wear...

I think it is safe to say that Leo is going to be a keen sportsman as he grows, and this is one more super achievement to add to his bulging list of achievements.

What age did your little one catch a ball for the first time?

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