Monday 21 October 2013

The annual clear out

Each year I like to go through everything I have accumulated over the course of the year, this is especially true around Christmas and Birthday's when I have to clear out the old and un-used in replacement for the new to come in.

I am currently sorting through Leo's older toys, there are so many things that he no longer plays with and with Christmas not that far away I am using my initiative to get one step ahead. My mission is to sort Leo's playroom and still have some time to spare before Santa's work shop explodes in it's place.

It's not just toys that seem to creep up out of nowhere in this house, it is a whole manner of things, clothes that Leo has outgrown, CDs, DVDs and now even Blu-Rays. All things that will be descending upon the house in December. Although I like to keep all of my music, as I do re-visit old CD's from time to time, DVDs and Blu-Rays on the other hand are things that I only watch a once or twice, as there is only so many times you can watch the same film. Unless your name is Leo...Then apparently it is more than fitting to watch the same film over and over again.

I have put a stop to actually purchasing any more DVDs for me as I have such a wide selection of On Demand titles to watch, so the only films I tend to purchase these days are for Leo. For the masses of films that we do currently own I have been having a look at selling them on MusicMagpie.

MusicMagpie let's you trade in all sorts, so it is the perfect place for me to shift some of the things I no longer need or want. You just need to enter what it is you wish to sell or even just scan the barcode if you have a webcam or a smart phone to hand.

I think at this time of year we are all gearing ourselves up for a busy festive season, so this annual clear out is essential so that there is room to start all again for next year.

Do you have an annual clear out?

Disclaimer: In collaboration with MusicMagpie

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