Thursday 31 October 2013

A Very Halloween

Halloween has crept upon us once a again. That one time of year it is acceptable to look as sightly as humanly possible. In-fact the scarier the better right!?

Now Leo is getting older I have enjoyed planning activities that we can do together, and tomorrow we will be carving pumpkins and eating sweet treats, and maybe even cooking up some screaming cupcakes.

Leo has a Halloween costume that he will be donning while we partake in our special day, and may even wear it out and about. He will be ever so excited to see the jack-o-lanterns all lit up when we place them out on our front doorstep to welcome the neighborhood's trick and treaters.

We have a selection of sweeties that we will be handing out during the trick or treating hours... I may even let Leo help me answer the front door. His reaction may be treat enough...

I have actually been having a browse on on the run up to Halloween, on the hunt for fun ideas to help make the day that extra bit spooky. They have a lovely range of children's fancy dress which was great inspiration for Leo's costume. 

Leo will be dressed as a creepy crawly spider.
(Pictures to follow...)

What are your plans for Halloween?

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