Tuesday 15 October 2013

Pampers & UNICEF team up for their 8th consecutive year!

Last year I told you all about Pampers and their fantastic partnership with UNICEF. This year is the Eighth consecutive year that they have joined forces in a mission to fight against Maternal and Newborn Tetanus (MNT).

What is MNT?

MNT mainly affects Mother’s and babies living in Africa and Southern and Easten Asia, really in any areas where the women have little or no access to health care. It is mainly such an issue due to inadequate immunisation services, a lack of hygienic places to give birth with many women giving birth at home on the floor, or on the side of a river bank. The after care services after having a baby are another cause with the improper cutting of the umbilical cord which can lead to infection.

MNT is a swift and painful disease with the power to kill. It killed 59,000 newborn babies back in 2008 alone. Once the disease is contracted, the fatality rate is pretty high (up to 100%) if hospital care and treatment is not sought.

As parents we all want the best start for our babies, and the fact of the matter is MNT is preventable! In fact with the right vaccinations MNT can become a thing of the past. Pampers have already helped rid MNT in 10 of the world's poorest countries: to eliminate MNT in ten of the world’s poorest countries: Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Ghana, Guinea Bissau, Liberia, Myanmar, Senegal, Tanzania, Timor Leste and Uganda.

But there is still lot's of women and babies who need our help, and that is precisely why Pampers and UNICEF have teamed up for their 8th year.

Earlier this month Pampers invited myself and other parents along to support them in their campaign to help make every parents wish of a healthy start for their children a reality. I was so looking forward to attending and hearing all about how Pampers and UNICEF have helped parents and babies in the last year. Unfortunately not long after arriving in London Leo became poorly, so we had to hop in a taxi and catch the next train home again. 

I still wanted to tell you all about the latest campaign as it is a subject very close to my heart, and it is so easy for you to get involved and help. 

1 Pack = 1 Vaccine 

During October – December 2013, you can help Pampers® and UNICEF protect women of child-
bearing age and pregnant women in the developing world against MNT. For each Pampers® - UNICEF pack purchased, Pampers® will donate for example the cost of one tetanus vaccine to support in the fight against MNT. 

1 View = 1 Life-Saving Vaccine / 1 Share = 1 Life-Saving Vaccine

During October – December 2013, you can help Pampers® and UNICEF protect women of child-
bearing age and pregnant women in the developing world against tetanus. For each view of our films on http://www.youtube.com/user/Pampers Pampers® tetanus vaccine to support UNICEF in the fight against MNT. Each film depicts what a healthy start to life can bring, through the eyes of children.

Leo and I are avid Pampers fans already, so even if you are not usually using them, why not for just a few months in order to support this life saving campaign? 

I wish I could have shown my face at the event and heard Emma Bunton speak so passionately about the work she has been doing with Pampers and UNICEF, but unfortunately that day was not the day for Leo and I to meet our favourite Spice Girl.

So let's get our little one's in Pampers and support this campaign with everything we have got. Lets give these parents and babies the support and chances that we take fore-granted. Lets help make a difference!

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