Wednesday 23 October 2013

The Purple Monkey CuddleUpPet Review

What is a CuddleUpPet I hear you ask? 

It is certainly not something I had come across before having a child of my own, but along with all of the other knowledge I have acquired since Leo burst into my life, CuddleUpPets are now very much known to me...

CuddleUpPet's are soft blankets with puppet heads and they come in a variety of different styles so your little one can have a friendly companion for bedtime or even when you are globetrotting around the world. 

I have recently been sent the Purple Monkey to have a cuddle up with, I say I but I do mean Leo...

Leo already has a favourite blanket, so our poor monkey friend didn't really stand a chance with Leo. But luckily for me, my younger sister Alice happily stepped up to fill Leo's shoes and she told me exactly what she thought of our new CuddleUpPet.

'The blanket is really soft and nice to snuggle up with. I have taken it to bed with me and it has kept me lovely and warm now the nights are getting colder. I have been showing Leo the Monkey puppet and he always giggles as I try and eat his hands with the Monkey's mouth. I like how big the blanket is as it allows me to wrap myself up inside it. The material the blanket is made from is not incredibly thick but as it is so soft it still keeps you really warm'.
Alice - Almost 12...

I have also given the Purple Monkey a cuddle, and had a play with the very charismatic puppet. I found the blanket warm, but agreed with Alice on the fact that it is not incredibly thick. To be honest though this is why it is so easy to transport with you on your travels, you wouldn't want to be carting around a duvet would you? 

If you keep the box you can actually fold your CuddleUpPet back up and store him (or her) away in the box until you next need it, which gives you an idea of how easy it is to fold back up. I like how cheeky the monkey actually looks, and it is very easy to use as a puppet. Leo had some wonderful chuckles as we paraded around the room trying to catch up with him. It is a standing game even now.

CuddleUpPets retail at £19.99 and would make a perfect Christmas gift this festive season.

To find out more information about Snuggle Pets and help with your kids bed time routine head over to for its Snuggle Pets takeover from 11th to 24th November 2013.

Disclaimer: I was sent the Purple Monkey CuddleUpPet for the purpose of this review. All views and opinions expressed are completely honest and have been formed with our personal experience with this product.

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