Friday 11 October 2013

In Your Own Sweet Time

I have said before how Leo still seems a lot younger, more baby like than other toddlers his age. He still seems to need me in ways that other children have surpassed, and this is something that I am clutching to for as long as he will let me.

Leo is one of those toddlers who says things, but he definitely seems to have his own little language going on. For instance... Lightning McQueen is known as 'Da da da' but regardless of it sounding nothing like the actual name, I always know what he is babbling on about. It is a consistent word he uses to describe the lovable red car off of Disney's Cars. For the longest time anything that Leo considered was hot, was known as 'Oosh', and although he still uses this word, he has added 'hot' and 'fire' into his vocabulary.

A week or so ago I noticed that Leo had stopped saying 'Yeah' and replaced it with 'Yes'. It was just a sudden switch for every answer that he replied to. The way he pronounces it is just so endearing, so lovely to hear.

Among all of the words that everyone would understand, there are still quite a few words that Leo seems to make up as he goes along, but for the most part we have a perfect understanding. 

We haven't really had any counting or 'ABC's' coming out of his mouth just yet, but I am always counting and discussing colours with him. In fact one of Leo's favourite things to count are the wheels on the car, but instead of saying 'Four' he says 'more'.

 Apparently my persistence is paying off though... Yesterday Leo was lay cuddled up in my lap when all of a sudden he looked me in the eyes and said 'Mumma, Blanket TWO!' 

Leo was telling me that he has two comfort blankets, and he is absolutely right. Leo does have two blankets, one of two blankets that he takes everywhere we go. 

So now when I ask 'Leo, how many blankets do you have?' he replies very clearly, and very matter of factly 'Two'.

Leo has demonstrated an understanding for such a long time, and even though he is not as developed in the vocabulary department as some 2 year olds, he is taking everything in. He is putting the pieces of the puzzle together and I am hearing more and more new words coming out of his mouth as the days pass. 

Patience is a virtue and I have all the patience in the world when it comes to teaching my little guy. He will do everything, but just like his Mumma, he will do it in his own good sweet time.


  1. Have faith... it does come in its own sweet time, and then it rushes you off your feet and leaves your heart lifting. I am so worried about the boys, most of the time, but so enjoying them not growing up as fast as their sister- the,y at 31 months, are still my babies and I wouldn't have it any other way! They count to three basically because they are so mischievous that I am often stood there, counting to three, and the other joins in. And as I listened tonight, not understanding all of their conversations and worrying, I have faith than I can support them through anything, having been there with 'special needs' ( I am so paranoid about my difficulties being genetic), from experience, having an amazing mum is all a child needs. You'll watch it all come together with Leo and try and remember these moments and cute phrases. (When Seren was little and she used to 'squeak' a lady told us to record it to listen back, she was right, but we didn't take her advice and I am forever left relying on my memory).

  2. I think with kid's vocabulary and talking, it's something they definitely do in their own time. There are a little group of four children that my little man has grown up with and one of them basically didn't speak at all. A few months ago, while the other three were chattering and starting to converse with each other, she was practically silent. Then all of a sudden her speech literally exploded. And after months of her mum worrying and thinking she was going to be behind, she's now chatting away all the time. It was almost like she was just taking it all in and taking it on board ready for when she felt ready to use it all.
    As long as Leo is understood by his family that's what matters as it will prevent him getting frustrated. And I'm sure he's picking up on things all the time. x

  3. I definitely think they do it in their own time, and I am sure Leo will start to become more vocal really soon. As long as you uderstand him that's all that matters. He is a gorgeous boy. x


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