Tuesday 15 October 2013

The Most Shiny Red Wellington Boots

There was once a young boy called Leo who had the most shiny red wellies in the land. 
They were so shiny and so red that once his eyes fell upon them, they just had to be his.
But these wellies were not just any wellies...
Leo's shiny red wellington boots had a very special character embellished on either foot.

Lightning McQueen.

This is why they were the most precious treasure in Leo's shoe cupboard. 
Why all of a sudden they were his favourite.

Leo very quickly decided that these wellies would be the only footwear he would wear.
He would wear them while he was inside the house with his pajamas..
Or even after just getting out of the bath...
He would wear them religiously day in and out, 
even when he was just kicking back and watching some television.

Leo's Mummy knew that there was no way that he would wear any other shoes for the foreseeable future, and she just counted her lucky stars that he wasn't wearing them to bed!
When asked if Leo would like his shiny red wellington boots off, he replied with a simple 'NO!' and when he finally did want them off... they were the very first things he would want on in a morning. Even before his clothes.

Leo loved the freedom the wellington boots gave him.
They let him jump in puddles without the usual disconcerting look from Mumma.
They let him run around outside in the mud.
They had LIGHTNING MCQUEEN on them!

Leo's Mummy know that they will be the shoe choice for tomorrow. 
So she best have them ready to hop straight on his expectant feet.

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