Wednesday 16 October 2013

The Adventures Of The Easywalker June Continue...

We have been using the Easywalker June for a year now, and I have say that I still love it as much as I ever did. What I consistently love about the June is just how compact it is, after using other pushchairs after the June, I have found a new appreciation for just how compact it is. I can comfortable fit the June in my car and it takes up minimal room, and this for me is a very important factor.

In this adventure I will be telling you all about our trip to the beach, but if you wanted to see the June in the snowy conditions of last year then you can view those images here.

The June has accompanied me many places and even very almost appeared in the Daily Mail after we visited an event last year. Imogen Thomas was having her photo taken just in front of where I had parked my June. So THAT right there is my June's claim to fame!

Back in May my family visited Devon for a weeks break, I took the June along as my choice of pushchair because I had been waiting for a chance to take it to the beach. I wanted to see just how well the June would cope with the sandy terrain, so that is exactly what I did.

Walking down the sea front was as easy as it ever was, the June drove beautifully with a very excited Leo at the helm. As we walked closer to the beach the more sand we encountered on the path, this didn't effect the June in the slightest and we carried on our merry way.

I decided to walk the June down onto the beach just to see if the wheels could cope with such a high volume of sand. As the sand got deeper I started to notice that it was slowly but surely getting harder to push, until I could no longer move it any more. 

This beach had deep sand in places and this is where we struggled taking the June. For the most part though the June handled incredibly well, but I do think that it would probably do better on a pebbled beach rather than such a sandy one like the one we frequented.

Leo is now 27 months old and I still find the June light and easy to steer. It is everything that I need in a pushchair as I have the freedom to go where I please without having to really consider whether or not the wheels can hack it or not. Because the wheels really can hack it.

Back in August we had a little mishap with the wheels... I made the mistake of asking Luke to put some air in all four of them so that they were ready for a trip to Legoland. But Luke somehow managed to put to much air in the wheels which caused one of them to go bang. So make sure you read the instructions before you decide to get a little bit too carried away with the air like Luke did....

The June is now back on the road with a new wheel and is set to go on many more adventures. I am passing the June over to my friend Lucy at Mummy Speaks Aloud to try out with her girls. Lucy will be sharing her personal experiences with the June so that she can give you all a second review. This second review will be an interesting comparison as Lucy has a 2 year old, and a baby under one.

In the June's absence I will be putting Easywalker's latest stroller through it's paces. I am very excited to be trying out the new Easywalker Mini, and I will be sharing our latest and greatest adventures right here on the blog.

Keep your eyes pealed for the full review and see where we end up as we get to know the very smart, and very savvy Easywalker Mini.


  1. I have found your articles about your adventures with the June very helpful, and I am no even more so considering the June as our new stroller. I have just one question for you, how does it cope with the curbs in the city? I noticed (since I am quite short) that when the handle is lowered it's a lot harder to manoeuvre up and down from the pedestal in shop, so this is my main concern..

    1. Hi Ingrid. In terms of getting it up and down the curbs, I find that I have to position my foot on the back of the frame to help get the leverage to get it onto the curb. It goes up fine, but because it is so sturdy you need a little bit of extra 'umph' to get it up x


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