Sunday 6 October 2013

Room to Breathe

It really does only seem 5 minutes since I had an avid crawler on my hands, I can remember thinking how I could just not let him out of my sight for a single second. Leo would just be into absolutely everything if I didn't keep him in my direct gaze. I did wonder when the time would come that I didn't need to be with him 100% of the time, when he would be able to play with his toys without needing me in his direct proximity. 

There were times that he did manage to sneak away, and on one occasion I found him taking a bath in the dog's bowl at Nanny's house... Or when he

Back then I couldn't foresee a time that this would be the case, but without really consciously knowing it... Over time it has just happened. I don't remember a certain day dawning that I decided to reward Leo with more space in between us... It just happened. 

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