Wednesday 9 October 2013

The Mummy Phase

Right now Leo only seems to have eyes for one person, and that person is me. 

At 27 months old, Leo is much more than my blue eyed boy. He is the one and only person who can always put a smile on my face, and he is ultimately my very best friend.

There is no one who can make me giggle the way this little man does, his mischievous attitude and his outlook on everyday life is so refreshing. Even when Leo runs into my room and exclaims...'Mumma POP!' as he lets rip... Even this reduces me to fits of the giggles.  

Or even when I have put Leo to bed, tucked him up and wished him sweet dreams... Walked back downstairs and turned on his baby monitor to hear 'Mumma!' 'NA NA NEE NA NA' - At once the child in me has come out to play and I am talking back down the monitor to him. You would have thought that this may wind him up and he would be far to excited to go to sleep... But Leo talks to me for a little while before going off to sleep with no problems at all.

As he has gotten older we have got to know each other in a whole new way, he has the most amazing personality that truly shines. I adore having a this front row seat watching him grow up and leave his mark on this big wide world we live in... Even if that mark can sometimes be a big old ink stamp on the wall... Yes thank you very much for that extra scrubbing Leo Matthew!

The Mummy phase is what life is all about at the moment. 
I am getting the very best of my little guy. 

It involves endless cuddles and even big fat un-expected kisses! Who knew that sometimes kisses can hurt? I guess it depends just how fast and un-expected that kiss really is...

Each night when I get in from work it is not un-common for me to have a to do list as long as my arm...The cat is yowling at me because he is ready for his dinner... But before I can do anything Leo is getting himself comfortably sat on the sofa. He pats the seat next to him and says 'Mumma, pillow'. This is Leo telling me to sit down next to him, get his blanket and his milk... To turn on Cars or Tinkerbell on the television, and pop a pillow on my lap so that he can lie down and go to 'bed' as he puts it. Leo wastes no time in snuggling down and placing his head on the pillow, he let's me tuck him in and we have a cuddle for as long as he stays there. 

Nothing beats this quiet time of night, and I love that Leo is so cuddly (even if it is all on his terms).

The Mummy phase extends into everything we do. When Leo is hurt or poorly only Mumma will do, bedtimes, pushing the trolley or the pushchair? Yup they are all Mummy jobs and if he catches anyone else trying to take over those positions... Well brace yourself for a telling off!

Long may the Mummy phase continue.

I love being the centre of everything Leo needs and wants.

My little blue eyed boy, and my very best friend.

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  1. Bless him, as tiring as it is, there is nothing quite like feeling needed is there!


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