Wednesday 2 October 2013

The Shivering Shaun The Sheep Review

For the longest time now Leo has been head over the heels for one particular sheep who has his very own television show. I know not many sheep can be a television star, but Timmy in his own right…Is. It may come as a shock to you to discover that Timmy is not the only famous sheep in his family…

Timmy has a cousin called Shaun, and Shaun also has his very own television show. Shaun the Sheep. I have tried to show my Timmy mad two year old Shaun but he always loves Timmy that little bit more. But now Leo is getting older he is broadening his horizons in what he does like to watch.

Leo has been sent a very special toy to review, a Plush Shivering Shaun the Sheep. I knew as soon as the little guy arrived that Leo was going to be very excited to see him. I called Leo through for the grand opening, his little face was going to be a picture when he saw Shaun the Sheep sitting in the box. To Leo all sheep are called ‘Baa’ so I was preparing myself for a lot of ‘baaing’ once he saw what the contents of the box was.

Leo helped me open the box, and inside the box was Shaun the Sheep, Leo reached in and picked him up a big smile covering the entirety of his face. While Leo was rejoicing in the moment of his new friend arriving, I gave Shaun’s tail a little pull. Pulling Shaun’s tail made him quiver from head to foot, and this made Leo giggle… a lot!

Once Shaun had stopped dancing around, Leo demanded that I again make him do it by saying ‘more’ rather repetitively. It didn't take Leo long at all to figure out how he could make Shaun move for himself, and now Leo just pulls Shaun's tail whenever he wants Shaun to jiggle around.

 Shaun has been such a big hit that Leo has even been taking him to bed and snuggling up against his extremely soft plush coat.

I think the Shivering Shaun the Sheep is a really sweet toy, and definitely one that will be loved by Leo for a long time to come. I only have one negative point to add to this review, and that is a quibble on the actual price. I know that there will always be a mark up on licensed products such as Shaun the Sheep, so you do expect it to be a little more than your average plush toy. Shaun actually retails from around £12.99 to the dizzy heights of £19.90 depending upon where you purchase him. sell the Shivering Shaun the Sheep for £14.99.

The cheapest I came across him was at Argos for £12.99 at the point of writing this review, this is actually a more realistic price in my opinion, but it was on offer from £15.99.

This toy would make a lovely stocking filler for any Shaun the Sheep fan this Christmas.

Disclaimer: I was sent the Shivering Shaun the Sheep for the purpose of this review. All views and opinions expressed are completely honest and my own.

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