Friday 4 May 2012

Baby Sing & Sign - Week 2

On Tuesday Leo and I made our way to our second session of baby signing. The heavens opened and rain poured all day long, making it a very interesting drive over with so much water falling all around.

Baby signing is becoming increasingly popular with parent's all over, and it is not hard to work out why. I mean who would not want to make the progression from learning to talk, to talking easier on their little one? I love the fact that Leo will be able to tell me certain things about how he is feeling, before he can verbally open his mouth to speak.

This weak was a re-cap on last weeks session and also a introduction of a few new signs. One of which was 'No'. I have a feeling I will be using this one frequently.

We went back over the farm animal signs and I was so impressed when a little girl of about One started to sign 'Duck' by opening and closing her hand like a beak. I was so amazed and a little taken a back, but it gave me a very optimistic feeling. Leo will do that too.

Of course true to form, it did not take Leo long to leave me sitting like a lemon. Apparently trying to escape through each and every door is a lot more fun than sitting with Mummy. He soon returned to me when I was given the musical instrument he wanted so desperately. Once in receipt of this rattle he proceeded to sit in the centre of the room, shaking it like he was never going to relent.

Leo was not impressed when the time came to put away his shaker, and decided the best form of attack was to follow the bucket of instruments around the room, as it was passed from parent to parent, in a mission to try and get all the toys back from the baby's. Leo bided his time and when the bucket came to a stand still...He threw himself forward to reclaim his stolen shaker.

It was no wonder that the instructor had remembered Leo's name, not after his cheeky display in our first session.

After the class finished I was having a chat with the lovely lady that runs the session. I asked her about her personal experience with baby signing. Her response was so positive it really made me want to continue. Her son started signing when he was about One years old, and by the time he was Two he could sign the entire alphabet!

How impressive is that!? I don't know any Two year old's who could do this....Turns out his favourite DVD is the Baby Sing and Sign alphabet. This will really help him when he starts school and will give him a great start.

The first term of baby Sing and Sign is all about the basics, and to be honest that is my main aim. I wont be able to go back for the second term due to being back at work, but as long as Leo and I know the important bits, I will be very happy.

I don't expect Leo to sign the alphabet, of course if he did I would probably jump for joy, but I do look forward to him being able to tell me what he wants.

Roll on week 3!



  1. keep at it honey. Like I say it was well over 6 months following the lessons before my daughter started signing but she can now communicate this way and it makes life so much easier xxx

    1. I will indeed, I think it is amazing and it is a very enjoyable session. Leo seems to love it.

      I agree, it will make life so much easier xx


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