Sunday 6 May 2012

The Cosatto Yipi Review

With my return to work appearing on the not so distant horizon, the thought into Leo's transportation comes into question while he is under the watchful eye of his Grandma. Of course we have my Quinny Zapp Xtra, but with Granny's arthritis she finds it a very painful experience putting it up and down.

This put us back into the big and exciting world of buying a stroller. The world where there is so much choice and variety. Of course as you know this is a task I highly enjoy and I seem to get a bigger buzz each time I make that all important purchase. It is like buying a shiny new car, that you just cannot wait to take out for a test drive.

Granny and I searched high and low for the perfect stroller for the task at hand. We needed one that is easy to put up and down, to make sure Granny's arthritis is not stirred, it must be purchased on a budget, that wont shake to many branches on the money tree. Of course I am pretty set in my ways, I like the luxury of having a attractive pushchair, that Leo enjoys riding in as much as I love pushing around.

After searching all over the place, and scouring the Internet for reviews, we came across the Cosatto Yipi. It seemed to tick every box we had thrown in it's way:

- Good reviews
- Easy to put up and down
- Attractive design
- Good price

The Cosatto Yipi retails at around £199.00 but at the time of purchase we managed to find it half price, making it a even more attractive deal.

The Yipi has a sporty design in a lovely Red. The stroller comes with front and rear suspension which is pretty essential as our family our big walkers. We like to break the mould and take the pushchair on pretty much all terrains. The frame is very Sturdy and lightweight, and it even has self-aligning front swivel wheels. 

What is in the box?

In the box you are provided a very generous amount of items, more often than not you do have to purchase extras such as the coseytoes at additional cost to yourself. Cosatto however have really covered their base on this front, and this is what you will receive inside your box:

  • Footmuff.
  • Rain cover.
  • Shopping basket.
  • Bumper bar.
  • Detachable hood.
  • Chest pads.
  • Head hugger.
  • Changing bag.
  • Steel chassis.

  • For a pushchair on a budget, all the extras that they include such as the coseytoes and changing bag make this an ideal second pushchair that you could happily keep at Grandma's without breaking the bank.

    The Cosatto Yipi Features

    - 5 point harness.
    - 4 wheeler.
    - Swivel and lock wheels - front wheels only.
    - Handle height 104cm.
    - Dual wheel suspension.
    - Linked brakes.
    - Adjustable leg rest.

    The Yipi is suitable from birth due to the multi recline positions and head hugger. It can be used for the child right up to 15kg, approximately 4 years old. The recline adjustment is very simple to use and can be done with just one hand while on the move. So when baby falls asleep it is just a case of adjusting the strap to loosen the back of the seat.

    The Yipi is first and for most a forward facing seat with no option of parent facing. For me parent facing is a important feature and something I always look for when buying a pushchair. In this case, as Leo is now growing up it is not as important as it was in the early days. Leo has so far loved being able to look out into the hustle and bustle of the world around him.

    I found the Yipi very easy to push around, light and breezy in fact. I had no trouble pushing it around One handed, which is actually a very important feature when you receive that all important phone call while on your travels, or wanting to send that sneaky text while baby is happily bobbing along in the stroller.

    The biggest flaw for me was actually the shopping basket, being a little bit of a crazed woman when it comes to hitting the high street, I like to know I have a decent sized shopping basket with easy access. Cosatto have taken care of the size of the basket at hand with no worries at all, access on the other hand is not that great. The access points are not wide enough in my opinion to get things in and out. This did dampen my shopping spirit when I realised I would be forced to carry my goodies around...
    My Views:
    Yipi Pros:

    - It is a light weight stroller to get from A to B.
    - Portable.
    - Easy to put up and down (Accomplished by Granny with her Arthritis).
    - Compact.
    - Convenient for Granny's every day needs.
    - A very sturdy design.
    - Attractive design and colour.
    - Fits in the smallest boot.
    - Great range of accessories.

    Yipi Con's

    - It has proven tricky to access the shopping trolley, as the gaps to reach in and out are not very substantial.
    - It does not have a very large seat, so as the child get's older it may not be as comfortable as it would be for a smaller child.

    What do we think?

    The Yipi is not a stroller I would have chosen myself for Leo, but each individual has their own unique needs. This is a stroller that will be used by Granny for Leo due to her arthritus. It does exactly what she needs it too and has a great specification. Leo travels very comfortably in it and that is the most important thing.

    It is priced very reasonably and I am very impressed with everything that comes in the box, from the raincover to the coseytoes. I feel that the Yipi is great value for money. It is a very generous amount they provide you with and the changing bag is a lovely touch, as now Granny has her very own bag for Leo.

    I think this is a great addition if you are in the market for a second pushchair maybe for Granny's house or even to take abroad with you on holiday.



    1. I always think that the cosotto range looks quite stylish- I think when we have another one I would like one of their double buggies- they are really cute! x

      1. Cosatto on a whole do always present the products very nicely. Oo another one :-)) How exciting! xx

    2. I've had 2 cosatto and a Jane. Both Fab prams/strollers.
      Love the amount you get with cossato
      Would definitely recommend

      1. They are very generous with what they include. I think they are great x


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